It’s News Day Tuesday!


Some scoopy tidbits for my dears–


The Paley Fest lineup doesn’t look too shabby.

fan fest

And Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse has a kick-ass lineup for the new program “SXSW Presents Fantastic Fest at Midnight” at the South by Southwest film festival this March.


Here are some pics and scoop about one of the FF at Midnight selections, Lesbian Vampire Killers.


New Terminator Salvation pics here.


Tori Spelling will return to Smallville as liquescent gossip columnist Linda Lake for the March 12th episode “Infamous.” (spoilery!)


I’m sure I’m not the only person wishing I’d been at the Watchmen world premiere.

zack snyder 

Zack Snyder’s new film is Alice in Wonderland with machine guns? Yes, please.


Ghostbusters 3! Ghostbusters 3! Ghostbusters 3!


Holy crap! Joss fans will definitely recognize rogue doll Alpha, once we finally get to see his face. (spoilery!)

harry potter 

New Half-Blood Prince featurette!! (spoilery!)


Outtakes from upcoming cult documentary American Grindhouse can be found here.


Siiiigh, Terry Gilliam. Sigh.


Uhm, really?


Lolz-worthy trailer for Donnie Darko sequel. I’m digging Chuck B’s greaser look. And also the chick from Step Up 2!




I luuuuvz me some Alex Proyas. Who’s with me?


Marla favorite Tony Todd (look for oldie-but-goodie Candyman review next week!) will make his directorial debut from a script he penned.


This is some disappointing news. I guess this means ScarJo’s in?


Possible big-screen remake of the original BSG on the horizon, for some reason.


And lastly, Fango‘s weekly DVD chopping list.

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. in my opinion, even chuck bass and the girl from step up 2 can’t save s. darko. and i mean, that’s INSANE.

    also, i am WAY WAY excited about ghostbusters 3. WAAAAAAY.

  2. Ooo, that thing at SXSW looks good! Are you going to go? I wish i could!
    Have you heard any buzz about the new Terminator besides that C. Bale is a wacko?
    Ghostbusters 3? I’m not sure that I’m as excited. I’m fearing it’s going to be like Wild Hogs but with ectoplasm.
    And what is the deal with Gilliam? Hasn’t he been making movies for _decades_ now? Shouldn’t he know how to complete one? Have you seen Lost in La Mancha?
    Is that wanda or rhonda or whatever her name is from Big Love as the girl in the new Darko film? Btw, I’m categorically opposed to any Darko franchise. The first movie was just fine, not worth its cult status.
    For a man with two first names, Tony Todd sure is creepy looking! I never saw Candyman, so I look forward to your write-up.
    I can’t believe you write the playlist! I know him, kind of. He’s my friend ——-‘s bf.
    On that chopping list, which DVD does the vampire-ish looking gay duo go with? I’m intrigued! Dante’s Cove the movie?!?

  3. i meant READ the playlist, duh!

  4. Nope, I have no PTO for SXSW, but I’m hoping to go to Fantastic Fest again this year (in Sept), so I should be able to watch all those flicks then.

    I’ve heard the new Terminator should be fairly cool. I haven’t seen Lost in La Mancha.

    The Dante’s Cove-y pic is of The Lair, which sounds…just like Dante’s Cove:

  5. C’mon Posh, Chuck Bass may not be able to save S. Darko but what about Jessie Spanno? Yep, that’s right, Elizabeth Berkley’s in it too. I’ll probably rent it.

    I’ll probably watch the lesbian vamps movie. I’m sure it’s really bad but for some reason I’m intrigued by the concept.

    GB3 could go a bunch of ways. I think it has potential but you never know. There was certain tone of the first (or even second to a degree) movie that will be hard to recapture. I am cautiously optimistic.

    I didn’t read too much of the spoilery stuff since I like to be surprised by what I see even if it is just Smallville. The Tori Spelling episode was pretty good the first time. I normally wouldn’t care too much about her coming back but, with the stellar quality of writing this season, I can’t wait.

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