Michel Gondry in for the Green Hornet?

Just heard this last night, what do you guys think? Awesome, no?

3 Responses to “Michel Gondry in for the Green Hornet?”

  1. i read that this morning and thought, “well… this is a good thing… right?” i guess i feel like it’s so easy to make a *bad* superhero movie, so i tend to be cautious. but seth rogan AND michel gondry? that CAN’T be bad… can it?

  2. Awesome, YES! I don’t care if it’s just 90 minutes of Seth Rogen reading cereal boxes, I’m there for anything he does. When, god, will the world change in a way that it will actually be likely that he would do a nude scene?!?

  3. Jon, I didn’t know you had a crush on Seth Rogan! If you haven’t seen Knocked Up, you can see his naked backside. It’s cute, but a little splotchy.

    I think Michel Gondry can only improve the film. He tried to do it in 1998 and then somehow lost the rights, so it’s not like he’s a Johnny Come Lately. More a Johnny on the Spot!

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