Link Drop


First, news that is outrageously exciting…to me! And a few other people! Smallville Season 9 is a go!


Nick Fury is here to stay, yo.


Joss narrates the KO to Wonder Woman.


Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horrorhas there ever been a more wondrous-sounding title for a documentary? Now I just need it to be aired somewhere other than the Canadian sci-fi channel.

6 Responses to “Link Drop”

  1. Season 9!?! I’m sooo behind. I think I last saw season 5!

  2. woman, you are on fire with links!!!!

    i am sooo relieved that marvel finally locked down samuel l. extremely extremely necessary.

  3. I am so excited for season 9! I hope that it’s as good as season 8 because watching season 8 has made watching 7 seasons of hit or miss so worth it. It’s finally the show I’ve always known it could be.

    Sam Jackson, 9 pictures? WTF? I mean, that’s cool and all but it sounds like he’s trying to lock that shit down. Is he worried that he’s not going to be asked to do movies anymore? I think he’ll always be like Christopher Walken in that he’ll appear in any random movie. No worries, Sam.

  4. Jon, you should definitely check out S8. Seasons 6-7 you can totally miss, but, as Matt says, 8 is by far the best of the bunch. It’s been SO GOOD!

  5. NINE times? As far as I’ve heard, there are only two movies currently in the works. Iron Man was superb but I am not sure I want to see 9 more movies about these people. (unless RDJ is in each one. In which case, yes please.)

    Oh! I read a primer this weekend about Watchmen! So that I could keep up with you guys! guys, I don’t know if you know this, but apparently this movie’s a pretty big deal.

  6. You know, I heard that?

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