It’s News Day Tuesday!



Stupefyingly awesome new Terminator Salvation trailer is up.


AICN’s Massawyrm completely cracked me up and still managed to titillate me with his Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li review. I’ll be seeing this extravagantly retarded masterpiece Thursday night, so look for my review soon.

And an interview w/ Tinman Neal McDonough, the lucky guy who got to whale on Whiny Lana.

tokyo_chirashi.jpg picture by jasongtokyo 

I missed Tokyo at Fantastic Fest this past year and I’ve  been dying to see it.


The Haunting in Connecticut looks pretty standardly meh. But it’s got Beaver/The Flash!

movie poster 

Well, that was fast. Albeit not entirely unexpected.


Interview with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons here.


JJ talked Cloverfield sequel possibilities at Wonder Con.


Some more outrageously delightful quirkiness to come from Alexander Payne.

van fair 

SO, so awesome. I will definitely be purchasing this issue. Paul Rudd as Tom Ford is abso brilliant. My other fave is Jason Segel’s Buster Keaton. Swooooon.


Hermione got into Yale!

 zack snyder 

Thing prequel keeps Zack Snyder from Army of the Dead.


SIIIIIIGH. This does NOT appear to be the same movie as House of Re-Animator, which will be helmed by Marla fave Stuart Gordon and stars William H. Macy as the President alongside Jeffrey Combs’ reprisal of Herbert West (2010). I ask you, DO WE REALLY NEED BOTH?!


And lastly, Fango’s Weekly DVD Chopping List.


9 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. What am I missing that this graf makes abso. no sense to me?

    The recent “Eros” and “Three…Extremes,” occupy the “failed attempt” end of the tripartite omnibus canon, so it’s a pleasant surprise to report that “Tokyo!”, featuring the talents of fabulists Michel Gondry, Bong Joon-ho, and the too-long-absent Leos Carax proves positive that the logic behind these enterprises isn’t necessarily fallacious—that asking a trio of auteurs to variate around a theme can result in a film bigger than the sum of its individual segments.

  2. xymarla Says:


  3. i can’t WAIT to read yr review of street fighter. i am kind of into that movie, cos street fighter was one of the few games i could actually nail at the mountasia arcade in high school.

    i saw that trailer this morning and totally almost peed my pants. ditto on the VF photos. i’m linking to those today too– just didn’t want you to think i was stealing from you!

    although i might steal the hermione link and give you credit cos i’M SO EXCITED!! EMMA COME TO THE US RIGHT NOW PLZZZ.

  4. xymarla Says:

    As I was doing the VF link I thought, “I bet Sarah has this on her blog today, too!”

    I’m totally excited about Street Fighter. It’s going to be quite the hilarious viewing experience. Smallville has ensured I will watch all the crappy movies their various alums make.

  5. aw, emma! she should def. go to yale. they have a really good drama school. and she needs it.

    can we please talk about the news which has me all in a tizzy (cause i live under a rock called work and only found out about it while you were gone last week) – remaking The Neverending Story? WHY WHY WHY?

  6. WHY INDEED, Erin. That is one unnecessary evil.

  7. I too am excited about Street Fighter. It’s funny when a movie goes beyond a point to become so bad that it’s more entertaining than it would be if it were less bad. Let’s hope they reach that point.

    Oh they’re remaking Friday the 13th? Really, that can’t be true.

    I’m interested to find out how the Alexander Payne movie comes out. The cast is good and I’ve enjoyed his films so far. The story is an interesting concept. Too bad they couldn’t actually cast little people. They need work too. It’s like when they casted Fischer Stevens in Short Circuit and an Indian guy. Can’t they find a comedic Indian somewhere?

  8. Ahh, but it sounds like the actors have to start out as full-sized people and then be “downsized” to little ‘uns. So that’s probably why they can’t cast the little folks.

  9. Has anybody seen Touch of Evil, where they cast Charlton Heston as a Mexican? Or what about all the movies where they cast a skinny actor as a fat person and make them wear a fat suit? I mean, come on, there have to be fat actors out there, this is AMERICA.

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