Link Drop


Daft Punk + Tron 2 = How did no one think of this before?


Yeah that’s right, they’d BETTER not.


blah blah Megan Fox blah.


Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is taking on the Let the Right One In remake, now titled…Let Me In? Either way, creepy kiddie vampires will abound.


Hmm. I don’t think I care?

fango freddy 

Interesting! Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) apparently has a delightfully big mouth.

4 Responses to “Link Drop”

  1. a watchmen sequel? have people READ THE ENDING?!!!! sigh.

    i couldn’t get the link about the “let the right one in” remake to work… but that sequel is already a huge eye roll to me.

    and YES i am SO STOKED about tron & daft punk!! they were made for each other!!!!

  2. I wonder who’s doing the costumes for TRON 2….

  3. I wonder the same thing, Jon!

  4. I have heard that the Let the Right One in remake is going to be more accurate to the book? So, not actually a remake of the movie, more just an english film version of the book. I’m unsure. Let the Right One In is so haunting and sad and spare, and I don’t think it will fare well in Reeves’ hands.

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