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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

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In the interest of full disclosure, the above grade is based on actual film quality—and that’s being rather generous. If I were to grade this movie based on my level of enjoyment while watching it, it would earn a solid B+. I had a serious amount of fun with this tender little asstard of a film. Granted, I know very little about Street Fighter. I’ve always been one of those annoying button pushers who would sometimes beat you serious gamers—without any strategy whatsoever—simply with the speed and dexterity of my little fingers. I’ve certainly never memorized any special moves or back stories to these characters, and I have no real stake in this franchise. So I am here to further annoy the serious gamers among you by giving some major kudos to this motion picture that was a complete and utter abortion of your all-time favorite fighting game. Sorry!

street fighter poster by you.

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