It’s News Day Tuesday!


Plenty of scoopy goodness today, folks!


Watchmen tops the box office, although with numbers lower than expected. I FINALLY get to see this baby tomorrow night, so look for my review on Thursday!


More news on the Whedon/Goddard horror project Cabin in the Woods is obviously going to grab my attention.


I’m dying to see the whimsical Sundance darling Phoebe in Wonderland. Here’s an interview with writer/director Daniel Barnz. And here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it.


The possibility of an actually decent Fantastic Four movie boggles the mind, no?


Resident Evil‘s Milla Jovovich signs on for thiller Mile Zero with Marcel Langenegger.


Two more Riddick movies? That’s ridic!


I need to simmer down the Avatar excitement. I can’t sustain this level of geekery for so long.


Jason Segel + The Muppets = Marla’s heart melting in a sea of swoon.


Ahh, the unnecessary remakes. How they abound.


Speaking of unnecessary remakes…GAH! What’s the fucking point? Of COURSE it’s easy to remake The Birds with CGI. What’s absolutely astounding about the first one is that there IS no CGI. Although…I do enjoy the 3D.


A look at the new Michael Myers mask, if you dare care.

fango freddy

Finally, Fango’s weekly DVD Chopping List is here.

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I’m not touching that Birds thing.

    Have you ever seen the original Fantastic Four? The one from, like, 1984? It’s out of production, but I was lucky/cursed enough to watch a copy on a flight from Houston to LA many years ago. HOLY CRAP. It is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING(ly awful). Like, possibly worse than The Smokers, which is The Number One Bad Movie Of All Times.

  2. I don’t know if I’m down with all of these remakes/franchise extensions. I feel like if all Hollywood can make are remakes/franchise extensions, then they are very close to being out of ideas. Some days I feel like they’re not even trying. I will say that I am excited about Jason Segel doing the latest Muppet movie. That is awesome.

    Fantastic 4 was not good. Maybe they should do F4-3D. Maybe that would work. And another Riddick movie? I think Vin Diesel should go back to doing family films like Dwayne Johnson. Not that I would see those either but it’s comical for me to watch the trailers.


    and um, the muppet movie?! YES YES!!! i pray that seth green will be in it. i think he’s specifically on my mind due to our recent “big business” viewing. does seth hang out with any of the apatow gang?!


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