Quick Link Drop, Review Preview


Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are poster looks just about right.


Both Frog brothers are in for the straight-to-vid Lost Boys 3. Riveting?

Review Preview:

Near Dark this week, Superman/Doomsday next week, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to watch and review Alex Proyas’ Friday release Knowing. What do you guys think? I mean, it has Nic Cage in it, which means it has a 5% chance of being outrageously magnificent (Adaptation, Raising Arizona) and a 95% chance of stinking like a hatful of assholes (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, ConAir, and every other movie he’s ever made). But then there’s also Alex Proyas. Help Marla out! Do you guys care about this movie at all?

4 Responses to “Quick Link Drop, Review Preview”

  1. Spike Jonze is totally one of my cinematic heroes, and I cannot wait for Where the Wild Things Are to come out. That poster makes it look very Neverending Story / Return to Oz. Total ’80s fantasy – which I might consider the best fantasy.

  2. I don’t know about Knowing–that’s a hard call. I think the fact that it doesn’t have any reviews yet would worry me. It does have a high chance of sucking. I’d skip it for now unless I hear it’s awesome. There are plenty of movies out there to watch.

  3. i am pro a recap of Knowing. Cause otherwise, reading about it would be awesome.

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    Quick Link Drop, Review Preview | Danny Isn

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