It’s News Day Tuesday!



Here to deliver the dirt for my darlings!

american psycho

Holy crap! Kick-ass American Psycho director Mary Harron signs on for the film version of Rachel Klein’s twisted vamp novel The Moth Diaries! Ginger Snaps screenwriter Karen Walton’s name has been attached to the project. A female director helming a female screenwriter’s adaptation of a female author’s horror novel? SIGN. MARLA. UP.


Joss talks about last week’s game-changing ep of Dollhouse, titled “Man on the Street.” You know what changed in this game? It was actually good! This is the first ep where I could truly feel Joss’s influence. It was funny and moving and thrilling—I actually audibly gasped at one point! And PATTON was on it! Of course, now I’ll have to actually CARE when they get canceled, which is unfortunate because I’d worked so hard to hone my nonchalance.

However, the ratings did improve last week.

box office

In box office news, although Marla decided against seeing Knowing, the rest of the world was evidently on board. Last House on the Left suffered the typical second-week-drop of all horror remakes, and Watchmen, well…poor Watchmen.


The two writers of Knowing, married couple Stiles White and Juliet Snowden, are in charge of the screenplay for unnecessary remakes The Birds and Poltergeist. I know my fellow fanpersons will join me in a rousing chorus of “What! Ever!”


A discussion of BSG’s final episode (spoilery!).


WTF is up with this Let the Right One In subtitle debacle?!


Here’s a sneak peek at Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. The production still is reminiscent of one of Marla’s favorite paintings, Tchelitchew’s Hide-and-Seek.


OMG! Erin! Adult Swim is adding The Mighty Boosh to its lineup!


Rumors are circulating about Mickey Rourke’s involvement in Spider-Man 4; Sam Raimi goes “whaaa?”


Raimi’s not interested in an Evil Dead 4 without Bruce Campbell. Funny, I’m not interested in a Spider-Man 4 without a lobotomy!


Emily Blunt shares her disappointment in missing out on Iron Man 2. When we’re all watching ScarJo dead-eye her way through Black Widow’s lines, I’m sure we’ll share her disappointment, too.


Ugh. For some reason, the powers that be are remaking A Chinese Ghost Story. When I say “What!”, you say “Ever!” What! (Ever!) What! (Ever!)


In even more “…Okay?” news, the Sci-Fi Channel is now the SyFy Channel.

green hornet

An interview with Seth Rogan regarding Michel Gondry’s directing sensibilities on the set of The Green Hornet.


Yummers. The new Dylan Dog movie, Dead of the Night, is shaping up to have some mighty fine-looking fellas in its cast. Brandon Routh, Taye Diggs AND nerdy-adorbs Sam Huntington?!


Cool! James Cameron gives a mini-essay on all things Terminator.


And lastly, Fango’s weekly DVD chopping list can be found here.

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Ok, this is my Wednesday afternoon covered!!! Thank you!

  2. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh.

    Maybe if it gets popular in america, noel and julian will tour over here. since they can’t quite seem to let it go yet.

  3. That Antichrist thing looks right up my alley, if you know what i mean!

  4. have you seen the trailer for the new judd apatow movie? i mean, yeah, it’s the same stuff as usual, and i kind of hate myself for still liking michael cera but… ok, i’m totally seeing it.

  5. The Antichrist movie seems like it could be interesting. I’m sure that something messed up will happen because von Trier hates women. So that’ll be fun.

    The Boosh coming to Adult Swim is an awesome concept. Hairwise, Adult Swim will definitely go up in quality.

    WTF is up with SyFy? How does that make any sense at all? Sometimes people change things for absolutely no reason. Won’t that alienate all of those nerds that watch their programming?

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