It’s News Day Tuesday!

And what a busy Tuesday it is! Therefore, I’ll be keeping it brief this week, folks.



dark tower

Okay listen. The Dark Tower series is an absolute lifetime obsession of mine, and I have the tattoo to prove it. The only way it can be successfully translated to film is as a mini-series made up of 2 hour episodes aired Monday through Friday over three weeks on HBO, preferably with Viggo Mortensen as Roland, Gina Torres as Susannah and relative unknowns cast as Eddie and Jake. I’ve got it all figured out and have since high school. JJ, you can call me once you’re ready to hear my outline.


À la The Orphanage, Marla fave and all-around bad ass Guillermo del Toro is set to produce and mentor on upcoming Spanish fright flick Mama.

Yay! Here’s an interview with Guillermo’s frequent collaborator, the best-ever Ron Perlman, on Mutant Chronicles, Hellboy 3, and his new bromance with fellow scream king Thomas Jane.

Hugh Jackman is set to star in a really stupid-sounding movie called Ghostopolis. Great concept? I watched Wolverine last night and will be reviewing it tomorrow. Here’s a preview: it sucked!

And yet!

In other Marvel movie news, they’re doing well. And you can find some scoop on Thor and The Avengers here.

You can find the bloody new True Blood promo here.

OOF! And here’s a spoilery new Smallville promo for the big bad finale.

Creepy Clancy Brown is attached to the new Nightmare on Elm Street pic. As is Katie Cassidy from Supernatural and Harper’s Island.

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. WHOAH. i had NOT heard the news about the dark tower movie. uh… hmm. is it gonna be, like, the gunslinger, or is it gonna be like the graphic novel, starting with roland’s past?

    either way, LISTEN TO MARLA YOU GUYS.

  2. So when you say finale of Smallville, do you mean season or series?

  3. xymarla Says:

    That’s what I want to know, Sarah! I have no idea in what precise way JJ is planning to mangle it.

    Jon, season finale. There’s a season 9! And for once, Smallville actually DESERVES renewal!

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