No News Day Tuesday This Week!

Extra! Extra! FTC Fights Fraud! Also, no News Day Tuesday this week!

I’ve been reading this book called The Artist’s Way and embracing the time-consuming process it teaches. It’s supposed to help me reach my creative potential, and it’s been insanely helpful and really fun, but one of this week’s tasks is something that struck terror into my heart the moment my eyes fell upon it: this is reading deprivation week. I can’t read ANYTHING so as not to clog up these pretty brain pipes of mine with a bunch of other people’s words. Thus, no madcap scouring of all the genre blogs the internet has to offer this week, and in turn, no news to offer you, my lovely readers.

So here’s a brief list of some of the websites I typically peruse in order to bring you your Tuesday news:


Shock ‘Til You Drop

Dread Central

Ain’t It Cool News


Bloody Disgusting

Horror News


Wow, those are some silly sounding names. My blog’s name doesn’t sound silly, does it? No, don’t answer that.

So scour away, dear readers, and if there is anything exceptionally juicy afoot in the world of horror, fantasy or sci-fi…please call me and report it, since I won’t be able to read about it. Thanks!

4 Responses to “No News Day Tuesday This Week!”

  1. Do you want me to read the internet to you?

  2. xymarla Says:

    Yeah, you don’t mind, do you?


    Those bastards! Should have known all it would take is Marla’s awesome review to remind those soulless animals in Hollywood. I WILL KILL ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH THIS PRODUCTION.

    Also reposting this in the actual Fright Night review, because the news is to awful to be ignored.

  4. xymarla Says:

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the internet for a sister, yo! Also: WE WILL CUT YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! You AND the heartless bitches who are remaking Videodrome.

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