It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Matt saw the above graphic on the back of some lady’s crossword puzzle book at the airport yesterday! Extra! Extra! We’re starting this NDTD off with a BANG of riveting information, no?


Buffy movie – Joss? = dumbest. news. ever.

In box office news, Terminator did fairly well, but not as well as Museum.

IFC’s Cadaver one sheet looks pretty freaking sweet.

gb3logo by you.

Dan Akroyd gives some more GB3(D?) info.


ARGH BUT WHYYYY? Flight of the Navigator was one of my top 3 favorite movies as a kid, and it DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMADE. Sigh. I’m too tired for fists of fury today.

Here are some more pics from the set of Tim Burton’s Alice!


A spectacular new trailer for Shane Acker’s 9 is up.

Fango’s got some new info and pics from Nightmare on Elm Street. And FNL’s Connie Britton has joined the cast.

First H2 clip here.

Sarah sent me a great interview with Sam Raimi re: Drag Me to Hell. I’m seeing it this Friday FINALLY! And here’s another, wherein Raimi also discusses a little Spiderman 4 action.


This movie sounds kind of trashy, but I love Leighton Meester, so I’ll watch it. And hell, I’ll admit it–I also love the trashy.


Eye roll. Here are some clips from ABC’s upcoming series Eastwick. Only “loosely based” on the Updike novel/previous movie. Yeah, because you want to disassociate your crappy TV show from the great John Updike. This looks like shit.

I lust after any and all Avatar intel. (The above date isn’t right, btw. December 09’s more likely).

There you have it, friends and fanpersons!

7 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I’m not sure those are actually stills from the Leighton Meester movie. I think maybe she and Lyla Garrity are just holding hands and chilling out. Or maybe Leighton is trying to explain how kitten eyes and simpering SHOULD be used . . . i.e. only when seducing Chuck Bass. Mot in EVERY SCENE EVER, LYLA GARRITY, QUIT WITH THE BABYDOLL VOICE.

    I read a funny comment in re: the Buffy thing today: “For those who loved the series, but wishes it weren’t good!”

  2. Hmmm, flight of the navigator remake…I’m not categorically opposed to such a thing, but I wish they could come out with some NEW IDEAS, jeez.

  3. dear alice: when you’re done with the movie, can i please have that powder blue coat? PRETTY PLEASE I NEED IT.

    @erin double true on the lyla front. girlfriend is beautiful but CANNOT ACT. she’s basically a victim of the eliza syndrome.

    and yes i will be seeing that movie.

  4. I must say, what excited me the most about the Alice pictures were twofold – 1) Alice has a pretty kick ass skirt made, apparently, entirely of RIC RAK! and 2) that HBC’s nanny is required to dress in period and the chubby, unnamed babe wears a red velvet cape. Whew!

  5. First of all the remakes: Buffy-no-Joss, boo. Flight of the Navigator, double boo. Can’t they think of anything new?

    That’s so cool about GB! I didn’t know that Slimer was based on John Belushi!

    And finally, I cannot wait for 9. That movie looks so cool and I love every actor in it.

  6. my mom smoked pot with john belushi in college. this is my claim to fame. At one point in time, before I was ever born, the body i hatched in got high with John Belushi.

    I know. Who wants to touch me?

  7. xymarla Says:

    I do! I do!

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