It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Scoop it up!

In box office news, UP won the day, Terminator Salvation and Drag Me to Hell are hovering around 3 and 4, respectively, Star Trek‘s in 5th and Wolverine‘s still lingering around 8.

Sweet! Check out this interview with Lorna Raver, aka Mrs. Ganush from Drag Me to Hell. And here’s an interview with Raver’s costar Justin Long. And finally, an interview with leading lady Alison Lohman.

The Final Destination trailer is supposedly going to be released with prints of The Hangover, although I sadly didn’t see it last night. Henri would have heard about it via exclamatory text if I had. You can check out the very cool one-sheet here.

Haderandwiig by you.jason bateman

Seth Rogan’s considerable voice talents will be put to good use as the titular alien in Greg Mottolla’s comedy Paul, also starring usual Edgar Wright duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost along with Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch and Jason Bateman. In other words, the most exciting cast ever. Lovers of the funny, wait with bated breath.


BBC America’s Being Human premise sounds completely awesome!

Eep, Ain’t It Cool News has the new Half Blood Prince clip from the MTV Movie Awards! Look at those little cuties setting up the clip! It’s even worth wanting to stab myself in the eyeball when I read that Knowles is “literally dying” to see this movie. Sigh. 

New Ripley? No Ridley? Wrong Scott. Color me disinterested.

Damn! Tell ’em like it is, Giles!


More desperately craved Avatar intel!


Uhm woah!

Clips of Smallville-time slot-bucking Vampire Diaries can be found here. You should know that I’m already prejudiced against this show for stealing that sacred-to-Marla Thursdays at 7pm slot. And for casting two of Smallville‘s most mediocre guest stars, Paul Wesley (Lucas) and Ian Somerhalder (Adam) as principles. And because these clips suck. Homegirl’s voiceover is some weak sauce.

Holy shizz, Sam Worthington looks hot in this first look at Clash of the Titans. I’m so glad he’s going to be in every movie of 2010! Thanks, Sarah!


More 3d remake news. I’ve never seen Happy Birthday to Me, but I’m happy about its remake only because Lionsgate is moving forward with this remake rather than making a sequel to the crappy ass My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Bryan Singer talks a little about X-Men.


Dexter S3 artwork is up and oh so yummy. Mrrrow! I can’t wait to see Lithgow in S4. And more Lundy!


You can find a little info about Eli Roth’s next 2 projects here.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is set to premiere at the LA Film Festival on June 22, two days before the big release.


Ahh, trashy teen horror. You never change, do you?


The Stephen King/Peter Straub novel Talisman is getting the big screen treatment, and some character sketches are up.

sorority row

Despite the tepid nature of the trailer, trashy horror schlock Sorority Row will be rated R. And I’ll probably see it, trashiness notwithstanding (or maybe because of the trashiness?). After all, it’s got whatshername from Step Up 2! And also some other girls.

Review Preview:

 Tomorrow—Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Stuck

 Later this week—The Hangover for Posh Deluxe linked to this highly excellent Times profile of Zach Galifianakis.

8 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. GAH!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HARRY POTTER!!!!!! and drink butterbeer and eat dobby’s pie and repeatedly think, “hermione is so pretty!!!” YAY!!!!

  2. xymarla Says:

    Dobby’s Pie droooooooool! I hope I have the chance to have that and some butterbeer this year. I almost look forward to those Alamo dishes than I do the movies themselves!

  3. Being Human is awesome!!!! You should totally watch it!

    HarryPotterHarryPotterHarryPotter SIX MORE WEEKS!

    I will totally see that slasher flick with Mischa Barton. I love Endangered Mischa Barton!! Other than Unconscious Mischa Barton, it is my very favorite kind of Mischa!

  4. Robert Rodriguez re-doing Predator? Boooo!

  5. Yeah, I have to throw a giant “Boooo” at pretty much everything Robert Rodriguez is up to these days. It hurts, cause he was such an inspiration to me (and every other aspiring filmmaker in my age range), but that man has lost his way.

    I just hope he gets it together and starts realizing his potential. I watched El Mariachi again recently, and it’s SO FUCKING WELL DONE! There’s no faking talent like that, and RR is still relatively young. He has a good 30-40 years of filmmaking in him if he chooses, so there’s plenty of time for him to grow. But goddamn, that man makes some crap-ass projects.

  6. Have to say that I’m concerned with this whole Heathers sequel idea. Since writing Heathers, Daniel Waters scripted the following gems:

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
    Demolition Man
    Sex and Death 101

    The director of Heathers, Michael Luhrman, directed Hudson Hawk and literally hasn’t worked in film since, though he has a steady career directing tv shows.

    No one in the cast turned out to have sustainable talent, either, excepting Wynona Ryder (who’s not the most consistent performer).

    Heathers is one of my top 5 films of all time, and was a source of comfort to me while growing up in a shitty little town, going to shitty little schools. Heathers 2 reeks of desperation from a failed cast and crew, and I will probably avoid it completely. Instead, I’m holding out hope for Heathers: The Musical, which is in development off-Broadway by the team that did Reefer Madness: The Musical, and will star Kristen Bell.

  7. KRISTEN BELL ON BROADWAY!!!! OMG, I think I just ruined these pants.

  8. Lots of exciting news this week. I think I said it last week but Buffy sans Joss = boo.

    I’m excited to see what they do with the movie Paul. With casting like that, I’m sure it will be awesome if a studio doesn’t screw it up.

    I agree with Jerry, though. I don’t hold much hope for Heathers 2. It seems like too little too late. I just don’t think they can capture the magic of the first movie. I normally don’t support this new make-everything-into-musicals kick but I can totally get behind a Heathers musical. That sounds awce.

    And what’s up with that chick’s eyes in Happy Birthday to me?

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