It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Straight from their blogs to my blogs to you!

In box office news, The Hangover totally surprised the shit out of everyone and bested UP. Drag Me undeservedly fell to 7, after Terminator in 6th and Star Trek in 5th.


Jerry sent me this article which boasts a tremendous amount of spoilery Avatar intel.  HOLY CRAP ZOMG BRAIN-BLOWING POW! And here’s an interview with Avatar star and Marla boyfriend Sam Worthington about the above as well as Clash.


Doghouse looks completely rad. It also looks to be eerily thematically similar to Shaun. A Brit zom-com about a slacker’s bad break-up? But scarier. You can find some cool one sheets here.

The totally sweet-looking Trick ‘r Treat is coming to DVD this October. FINALLY. Wedding present for Marla? Also, here’s a first look at the graphic novel.


Death saved the best for 3D, y’all. White trash update!

Hah! Alien dramz.


Want! To! See! Yet another reason to rue the fact that I don’t live in the Pacific NW. Titillating review here.


You’re a dumbass, Shia. Also WHY THE HELL IS DJ CARUSO MAKING MY MOVIE?!

a team

Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are in talks to play Hannibal and Faceman, respectively, in the Scotts’ upcoming A-Team update. The script was written by Wolverine‘s Skip Woods, so expect lots of yelling and tedium.

You guys just let me know if you get tired of hearing more Ghostbusters updates.


When Jerry was telling me about The Expendables freak out-worthy cast yesterday, he neglected to tell me about Charisma Carpenter! Granted, only I and about 7 other people will freak out at that news. Guys, check out this cast list and see if you handle it.





Goodbye, Sin City 2! And in more “this is why I find Robert Rodriguez utterly tiresome” news

ARGH. This is just some trick to ensure that fanpersons like myself will see it twice—once when it first comes out and once on IMAX. Well I may surprise you, Warner Bros, and wait to see it on IMAX! Maybe.

short circuit

While I’m ready for Hollywood to get SOME NEW FREAKING IDEAS ALREADY!, I can’t say I hate the idea of a Dan Milano-scripted anything given my Robot Chicken love. 

Here’s a peek at Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex.


Ju-On‘s Shimizu is gearing up for his Hollywood return with 3D teen horror header The Shock Labyrinth. You can find a trailer for one of the two upcoming Ju-On sequels (not helmed by Shimizu) here.


Just smoldering, simpleminded hotness.

piranha poster

Piranha‘s a motorboatin’ sonofabitch. Well, it certainly doesn’t pretend to be high-brow, does it? The scariest thing about this movie will be Shue’s guns.

Here’s some Iron Man 2,  Avengers and other Marvel news.


Sweet new Moon clip.

Del Toro talks some more about The Strain. I’ll be reading and reviewing this pretty soon, once I get a little free time (hah).

Review Preview:

Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Reanimator on Thursday.

losy boys tribe

Sure-to-be shitty Lost Boys: The Tribe on Friday.

away we go

Sure-to-be sensational Away We Go later this week for

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Dude, my comments, in a nutshell: Help! I’m Mandy’s comments, and I’m in a nutshell! ;)
    Actually, DANG! I wanted to make an A-Team movie! Hurry, Iron Man 2! Finally, Away We Go, Here You Come! (Ba dump bump.)
    So much good stuff, lady!

  2. Sorry about leaving out Charisma Carpenter… I was just concentrating on all the man-meat in the cast list. Also, people need to be aware that the IMDB listing is incomplete, as Bruce Willis has just signed on, and Steven Seagal has just backed out. Interestingly (if you’re a geek), Stallone seems to be stocking the crew with 80s talent, as well. The DP shot Top Gun, Jacob’s Ladder, and True Romance!

    Robert Rodriguez = suck. Christ, I hate writing that, but it is true. Still.


    I was surprised and impressed when I read about the new screenwriter for Short Circuit, but I’m still skeptical. We shall see…

  3. Charisma! Maybe she’ll get her kit off.

    I saw a photo of Jensen Ackles being oiled today. It appalled me but I forgot that’s some ladies’ thing.

    ohhh, I will be renting Lost Boys: The Tribe with a couple bottles of Andre and well-developed abdominal muscles for laughing.

  4. I personally guarantee that Rodriguez’s Nervewracker will be derivative shite.

  5. dude, JASON STATHAM. that is all i need to see a movie. seriously. but i’m glad cordelia can still get jobs.

    also, shia labeouf is the stupidest person alive. WHO WOULD PASS UP THE CHANCE TO BE YORICK? but you know what, i’m glad. i don’t want him and his broken hand stinking up the Y franchise.

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