It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

And I’ve gotten some very good news of my own to get this Tuesday rolling!


Basically, Avatar is going to completely re-invent the entire universe as we know it .

Oh so we’re responsible for the weak-ass Friday the 13th Mama Vorhees opening? Good to know.

Also, Jason’s a snowbunny! And YEAH your kills weren’t creative enough.

world war z

The tiresome process of bringing semi-decent novel World War Z to the big screen has become even more tiresome.

Europe’s finally starting to catch on to the fact that this whole 3-D thing might be kind of a big deal.

Blah blah yawn snore. I’m over the H2 media blitz, Rob.

Yum. Taylor Kitsch is set to star in upcoming Disney franchise John Carter of Mars, which means I am now a fan of upcoming Disney franchise John Carter of Mars.


Natalie Portman + Darren Aronofsky + supernatural thriller = yeah, I’ll check it out.


Marla fave Michael Cunningham is a genre fan?! This news totally rocks my socks. Could he get any sexier??


You can find some images of the very cool looking Zombieland here.


Eli Roth’s jumping on the remake bandwagon with Tobe’s Funhouse.

shutter island

GAH Scorcese’s Shutter Island looks hella sweet. I’ve seen this trailer several times in the past week.

Okay,  it’s a short one this week, folks! I’m just too excited! Your little Marla’s a homeowner now!

7 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. To be fair, I thought World War Z was more than semi-decent! Also, congratulations on being a homeowner!

  2. Cunningham had that book Specimen Days which was a pretty wet-noodley attempt at genre fiction. It kind of squashed my love-affair with his writing.

  3. I’ve never read Specimen Days, hmm. John, thanks! Yeah, I really expected to love World War Z and then didn’t, but I’m still interested in the adaptation of it.

  4. as long as taylor kitsch gets paid for appearing on a giant screen for me, i will be a v. happy sarah pants. TIM RIGGINS IN SPACE!!!!!

  5. Um, V. Woolf is spinning in her grave:

    “While I was writing about Virginia Wolff, my mind was never far removed from the idea of girls in bikinis being hacked up by guys wearing hockey masks, and I vowed that if I ever had a good idea, I would write one of these scary movies,” Cunningham told Daily Variety.

    Not only because of the imagery evoked, but also because the Variety writer doesn’t know how to spell her last name! This kind of blows my mind. Also, “I vowed if I ever had a good idea…” what was the rest of his stuff?

    Also, thanks Jon, I was going to read Specimen Days, but will avoid.

  6. xymarla Says:

    Hah, Sally, I thought the exact same thing. Hello! She’s kind of important, stupid Daily Variety writer.

  7. I’ll be interested to see how Cunningham’s movie turns out. The plot seems a bit typical but you never know, could be cool.

    Also that Natalie Portman Black Swan movies seems like it would be really cool. I’d like to see those two work together on a genre film.

    Dude–Shutter Island–AWCE!

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