It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

You know you want it!


Yay for the Zombieland trailer! Really looking forward to this one.

Holy lord, these new images from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland are creepy as hell! And awesome, obvs.

dark shadows

Also maybe cool? Johnny Depp confirms Burton’s remake of vampy soap opera Dark Shadows. How cute is that mental image of little Johnny holding a picture of Barnabas Collins??


HELL YES. On my birthday I will be go-karting, playing video games, drinking too many margaritas, and then attending a midnight screening of THIS at my favorite theater in town. (Jerry, if you can’t read the text, it says “From the producer of Hellraiser and Heathers,” so…wanna join us?)

gb3logo by you.

Here’s a cool interview with Sigourney Weaver re: Ghostbusters 3 and the Alien prequel. She’s so classy.

Anyone else looking forward to this penile/vaginal ladycobra in Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss? I know I am!

Huh. I find myself not particularly caring about this possible news.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes scoopage for Half-Blood Prince.

You can watch 9 minutes from the highly anticipated Trick ‘r Treat here. I’m opting to wait for the whole shebang so that these 9 minutes don’t make me explode in impatience.


I usually avoid posting anything re: Twilight because I find the entire phenomenon baffling. But Buffy? Well, I understand Buffy. Thanks to Posh D for the link.


Speaking of Buffy (and when am I not?), scroll down here to find some scoop regarding new TV show 10 Things I Hate About You, based on a movie I love and apparently inspired by two television shows I love, Buffy and My So-Called Life. Also it’s on ABC Family, which is my total guilty pleasure channel. Shut up!

Okay, Shia, you’re not as big a dumbass as I originally thought. I STILL don’t want DJ Caruso to make this movie, though.

Good for you, Neve Campbell.

dorian gray

There’s a whole bunch of info about the upcoming horrific update of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Here’s the poster. Here are some pics. Here’s a casting update.

cold souls

Cold Souls may be cool? I love Paul Giamatti, but eh. We’ll see.


The Dexter Season 4 promo art is totally adorbs and twisted. (spoilery if you’re not caught up on the show)


Beastly‘s reboot of Beauty and the Beast has added to its fluffy cast of MK Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens with some hard hitters: Harrison Ford and Keri Russell. And all of a sudden I’m interested!

Wait, IMDB doesn’t list Ford, Russell or the above-mentioned Brendan Fraser, so yay, I can go back to thinking this looks really dumb.  But it’s got NPH in it? I wish I could pretend that doesn’t spark my interest a tiny bit.

Rob Zombie saved the best for last with his final one-sheet for Halloween 2. And here’s the new full trailer.


Big fat whatevs.


Aww, my favorite trainwreck celebrity, Natasha Lyonne, is in a gay-friendly slasher flick! Looks pretty cool.


Does anyone else think it’s totally douchey of Diablo Cody to insist the actors on Jennifer’s Body not deviate from her script in the slightest? Yeah yeah, you won an Oscar for Juno. Big deal. Anyway, I’ll still check this out.

Review Preview:


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tomorrow!

The Burrowers on Thursday. See you then!

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Um, YES!!!!!!

  2. I hate Diablo Cody, she’s a big stupid loser. I heard an interview with her on Fresh Air, and it confirmed that the “brain” behind that horrible dialogue is just as douchey as one would expect. And Paul G. looks like Matt S. in that pic!

  3. dude. that zombieland trailer is AWESOME. i never thought i would be *this* excited to see a movie with woody harrelson but WOW!

    the “10 things” tv show is totally news to me! i watched the preview video and yeah… i’m interested. even though it’s still weird to remake a 90s movie into a tv show in 2009. except if they did it for empire records because THAT IS A BRILLIANT IDEA.

    and i’ve got “beastly” on request at the library. YA holla!!!

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