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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Re-Animator

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Ahh, so we arrive at the fourth and arguably most celebrated entry in my Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Re-Animator.

reanimator poster by you.

(Well, I mean that Re-Animator is celebrated. Not my review of it, which is brand new and hasn’t had the chance to gain notoriety. I have high hopes, however).

Re-Animator was Stu’s first film and it deservedly propelled him into cult status.  He wrote it with frequent collaborator Dennis Paoli from, what else?, the Lovecraft novel Herbert West: Reanimator. Gordon pal Brian Yuzna produced, as per yuuzh. It’s demented, irreverent, extraordinarily repulsive and teeming with nudity. It’s a Stuart Gordon joint, you guys! And it’s the best of the West.

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Good news, everyone!


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It’s back, baby! And I couldn’t be more thrilled (so long as all the original talent is brought back as well). Futurama is totally my favorite half-hour show of all time, and it was treated ABOMINABLY by Fox before being canceled. Due to kick-ass DVD sales and syndication ratings (duh, because of its absolute perfection), Fox has been kicking themselves ever since.


It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Straight from their blogs to my blogs to you!

In box office news, The Hangover totally surprised the shit out of everyone and bested UP. Drag Me undeservedly fell to 7, after Terminator in 6th and Star Trek in 5th.


Jerry sent me this article which boasts a tremendous amount of spoilery Avatar intel.  HOLY CRAP ZOMG BRAIN-BLOWING POW! And here’s an interview with Avatar star and Marla boyfriend Sam Worthington about the above as well as Clash.

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The Hangover

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Check out my review of The Hangover on!


Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Stuck

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Woohoo! I saw a new(ish, 2007) Stuart Gordon movie and loved it! That man’s still got it. Not that I could or shall ever doubt him.

stuck poster by you.

Stuck is based on this absolutely awful true story of Texas woman Chante Jawan Mallard. Gordon clearly didn’t conceive of the film as straight-up horror so much as a horrific thriller, but like every Gordon filmStuck boasts a scene or seven of some major grue that you wish were not assaulting your eyeballs. It also boasts some majorly gruesome cornrows that you wish weren’t assaulting your eyeballs. 

deer in headlights by you.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Scoop it up!

In box office news, UP won the day, Terminator Salvation and Drag Me to Hell are hovering around 3 and 4, respectively, Star Trek‘s in 5th and Wolverine‘s still lingering around 8.

Sweet! Check out this interview with Lorna Raver, aka Mrs. Ganush from Drag Me to Hell. And here’s an interview with Raver’s costar Justin Long. And finally, an interview with leading lady Alison Lohman.

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Drag Me to Hell

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Ladies and gentleman, THIS is how you make a goddamn horror movie.

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Drag Me to Hell is juicy, intelligent, terrifying, hilarious, and infinitely watchable. Sam Raimi has been biding his time for years to bring his next horror opus to the big screen, and Drag Me is one hell of a worthy successor to the Evil Dead trilogy. This movie was so beautifully, purely kick-ass that I found myself thinking, “Spiderman 3 wasn’t that terrible, was it? Surely I’m remembering a different movie? Sam Raimi can do no wrong!”

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