It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Dig it!

In box office news that is actually news to no one, Michael Bay is still eating Hollywood for breakfast with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Michael Mann isn’t doing too badly with Public Enemies, The Hangover is still in the Top 5 and UP is at 6th.

io9‘s got some scoop/trailers/teasers/images from Deadgirl, Humpty Dumpty, Planet of the Vampire Women, The Horde and something disgusting called Human Centipede. And here’s some Descent 2 scoop and the trailer courtesy of io9.  Thanks to Posh D for the links!

Blurg. Here are some stills from the shiver-worthy Human Centipede. Uhm NSFLife.

Yay! You can find an interview with Marla fave Tony Todd on Graves here.

Half-Blood Prince somehow managed to pull out a PG rating, despite Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix receiving PG-13 ratings.

Some awesome new The Final Destination images bring out the grue!

antichrist by you.

More Antichrist trailers here.

Six Feet Under‘s Peter Krause is set to join the cast of Beastly. I personally think he can do better than Vanessa Hudgens and Mary Kate Olsen, but what do I know?

Here’s some useless conjecture as to the fate of Smallville now that the CW has cruelly and stupidly moved it to Friday nights. If I’m the only remaining viewer, does that mean I get a vote? Wrap it up beautifully with this season and then move on to a Justice League/Watchtower spinoff. Oh, Season 8, thank you for giving us one season where Smallville actually reached its potential. What a sadly brief moment that was, now that Slavkin and Swimmer have moved on to the pointless Melrose Place. Souders and Peterson, don’t let a sister down, y’hear?

Vacancy’s Nimrod Antal lives up to his name by agreeing to direct Robert Blahdriguez’s pointless Predator rehash.

the crow

Lord. Here’s some fists-of-fury news about a remake/not-remake/sequel/reimagining/bullshit bullshit bullshit of The Crow. Yaaaaaaaawn.


Universal’s grabbed the rights to the film adaptation of Atari’s Asteroids video game. Okay? I’m sure it will be riveting.

Shock Til You Drop took a set visit to the magnificent-looking Zombieland.

Review Preview (and various upcoming xy marla tidbits):

from beyond

Stuart Gordon Retrospective: From Beyond later this week. Or maybe next week. I’m busy, y’all!

blood the last vampire poster

I’ll be interviewing Chris Nahon, the director of Blood: The Last Vampire for 29-95 this week!

Also, I’ll be hosting the midnight showing of Deadgirl at Houston’s River Oaks theater on Friday, July 24th, sponsored by Come check me out! And be nice, because it’s my birthday!

9 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. woo-hoo, marla is the hostess with the mostest! i’m sad that i won’t be there (well, i mean, for yr birthday & hosting. not the movie, i.e. the heebie jeebies). but i will most definitely buy you a drink the night before in celebration!!!

    i checked out “beastly” from the library, so we’ll see how it reads.

    double true on the whole faux teen thing in “jennifer’s body.” it’s like “grease” all over again. STOP GIVING TWEENS FALSE HOPES ABOUT THEIR BOOBS, OK? ok.

  2. Hosting the premiere!?! You toss that off so casually as if you do it all the time, haha. AWESOME!!! Oh, and great screen shot to illustrate your point that Ass-teroids does not need a movie.

  3. Ahhh! I’ll be out of town, and am so sad I’ll be missing Dead Girl in Austin, and perhaps even sadder that I can’t drive down to Houston and see you and your hosting powers. There had better be a review at the end of all of this!

    Also, I’m tres excited about your Blood interview. Good luck!

  4. It does seem appropriate that Robert Rodriguez is literally going with a Nimrod to “direct” his Predators thingee. Christ, can you imagine trying to direct a movie with RR on set all the time? RR is all “well, I might want to do some of the shooting, and I have some specific directing ideas, and blah blah blah…” Nimrod’s going to “direct” this about the same way that Tobe Hooper “directed” Poltergeist, except probably even less, since at least Spielberg wasn’t also the cameraman. Mark my words: RR only hired this guy so that if/when the movie sucks, he doesn’t take the blame. He can just shrug and say that he produced it right – on time and under budget. Man, I hate feeling so cynical about ol RR. Sigh.

    I didn’t realize they were “reimagining” The Crow, either. I thought Norrington was completely through with movies, after being replaced on Blade and getting beat up by Sean Connery (and then by the press) for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Now a Crow remake? This guy is just a glutton for punishment/bad reviews!

    Cannot WAIT for the Marla-hosted screening! Oh, and Jennifer’s Body looks RETARDED!! Can’t wait for that either. Can the Academy retroactively retract an Oscar? Diablo Cody’s gonna put that to the test like no one since Halle Berry…

  5. xymarla Says:

    Heh, yes, I like to sound cavalier about my newfound hosting duties. Cavalier seems a little cooler than totallyecstaticandterrified. Thanks for the good luck wishes, Sally!

  6. I think the Crow remake sounds like the worst thing ever. I’m just so tired of people remaking things all of the time. Pleeeeease come up with at least a somewhat original idea for once.

    Yeah, Jennifer’s Body will be a total blowfest. But not in a good way. Is there an emoticon for head shaking?

    Good call Jerry. That’s totally what RR is doing. He needs to stop sucking so much.

  7. someone better die making the crow remake, or i call foul.

    I am SO gutted to be missing the premiere of Dead Girl. But the pilgrimage to the family homestead must be made. I will be there in spirit!!!

  8. xymarla Says:

    dubs true on the code/berry comparison, btw.

  9. Two things: First, I want to like “Jennifer’s Body” so hard, but alas, I just don’t think I will. It will indeed bring the LOLs.
    Second, I don’t mean to pry into your psyche, but I noticed that the promo shot you selected for your “Smallville” news features Chloe standing prominently in front of the whole cast, Clark included. Not that I’m complaining, of course! (Actually, could you direct me to a hi-res version of that photo? You know, for research purposes.)
    Oh, and P.S. In response to Jerry and the whole RR thing in general, MAN. What HAPPENED to that guy? I liked him so much better when he was a rebel without a crew, and wasn’t effing Marilyn Manson’s castoffs!

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