Interview with William Kong

blood the last vampire poster by you.

Check out my interview with Blood: The Last Vampire producer William Kong on!

One Response to “Interview with William Kong”

  1. Hello,

    I work for a dutch production television company named Simpel Media and we make a show what is called ‘The prettiest girl in class’. The synopsis is as followed:

    ‘In every episode, the life of one girl is portrayed. Through the eyes of her former classmates, teachers, friends and anybody that played an important role in her life after school, the viewer will get a clear view of who she was then – and is now. We will also hear her own views on some of the most defining moments in her life, as well as on the typically more trivial events in her early teen years.’

    I saw that you have interviewed Mr Kong. We are trying to contact him to ask him a couple of questions because the episode that is dedicated to one woman, Saskia van Rijswijk. She played a role ih his first film; Pu guan ren wu from 1991.
    I understand that you can’t give a number of email so we can reach him but maybe you might give our number or my emailadress so he can contact us, or his management.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Marleen Nijhuis
    Simpel Media
    +31 020- 5911 811

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