It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

And I’ve been a manic little Marla lately, so this’ll be a quickie!

ryan reynoldsgreen lantern

As we all know by now, Ryan Reynolds has won the role of Green Lantern, beating out Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto (really? Leto? No.). Fear not, lovers of hard-hitting journalism—I will find many, many more excuses to post pictures such as the above in the context of this news.



Giallo! Giallo! Giallo! Giallo! Dario, dude, keep making movies. It’s going to be strange to see Adrien Brody in one of your flicks, however. STRANGE AWESOME AND HOT.


Says horror FX makeup artist turned director Teresa Fahs, “Women have a unique perspective in horror, and I happen to know there are a ton of hungry hardcore female fans. No one knows pain better than a woman. No one knows blood better than a woman.” I heart you, Teresa Fahs. I’ll definitely be checking out Haunting Kira. Get some new poster art, howevs.

Fantastic Fest announces its first wave of content for the September festival in Austin, TX, and it’s pretty freaking sweet.

Yay! Natalie Portman’s in as Jane Foster in Thor!  

a perfect getaway

David Twohy’s (Pitch Black) thriller starring Milla Jovavich and Steve Zahn on a honeymoon-gone-awry (along with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and Timothy Olyphant) will be released a week early. I bet Milla cheats on Steve with Timothy.  I totally would. Check out the trailer here.

Funny, I always thought Shaun of the Dead was the Shaun of the Dead for American audiences. I guess what that movie’s really missing is…Judge Reinhold? WTF?


Stephen King’s Cell is getting the miniseries treatment.

You can find Fango‘s DVD and Blu-Ray Chopping List here.

Review Preview:

Stuart Gordon Retrospective: From Beyond later this week.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Monday.

Orphan later next week.

Deadgirl midnight show hosted at Houston’s River Oaks theater by xy marla on Friday, July 24th, and a review and possible director interview will follow.

See you on the flip!

2 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. i am really really excited about natalie portman’s casting in thor. cos SHE IS SO PRETTY.

    although, you know what’s prettier? ryan reynolds’ guns. THANK YOU GREEN LANTERN CASTING DIRECTORS.

  2. i am sorry. i had a point to this comment but you had to show me teh RReynold’s abs of steel. i expect to remember what I was going to say approx. 24 hours from now. Until then . . excuse me.

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