It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Extra! Extra! Come see me host the Deadgirl midnight screening at Houston’s River Oaks theater this Friday, July 24! I’ll be charming! And I’ll serve…free beer! And I’ll…throw cash at you, Joker-style!

Okay, no, to most of the above, but I WILL be there, hosting a movie that is certain to kick your ass with a whole lot of awesome, and I promise to be mostly sober even though it’s my birthday. So show up and support me! I demand it!

On to the actual news!

Again, with the duh.

Every single bit of Zombieland intel has me convinced it’s going to kick some massively intense ass. The one sheet is no exception.

Columbia has managed to put a SERIOUS damper on my Green Hornet excitement with this rumor that Cameron Diaz and Nic Cage will be joining Seth Rogan for Michel Gondry’s crimefighting flick. God, I feel like everyone in Hollywood is about eleventy years old.

twilight zone

As much as I’d love to enact a ban against any remake news, then I’d never have anything to report on. So Leo, take it away, with your boring-ass idea.

nevermore by you.

If you live in LA and you miss this production, then you are DEAD TO ME. Check out those names!

Speaking of my darling Stu, !!!!!

After Dark is kicking off their annual 8 Films to Die For horrorfest with Brian Pulido’s The Graves starring Marla fave Tony Todd.


Former Marla crush turned possibly tragic perv Morgan Freeman is in negotiations to star in Red with Bruce Willis, based on the DC comic about a retired black ops CIA agent.


You can find a clip of Park Chan-wook’s hella-sweet Catholic priest vampire film Thirst here, starring the insanely awesome Kang-ho Song.

Go here to find some new stills from Argento’s Giallo. Gah I can’t wait! Yet I must.

Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson’s got a new project in the works called The Colony, touted as “The Birds with bugs.”

I wish I owned a theater so I could meet James Cameron. Jimmy, dude, I’ll show your movie in 3D!

cabin fever

Despite the whole dead thing, Rider Strong is returning for Ti West’s sequel to Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, and Judah Friedlander (?!??) is co-starring.

AliceInWonderland_000 by you.

Tim Burton talks some about his plans for updating Alice in Wonderland.

World War Z finally has a screenwriter! And he’s totally legit! Consider my recently languishing interest re-piqued.


Grace looks like Inside meets Little Shop of Horrors. Which is to say very cool. Anchor Bay’s picked it up for a limited August release. You can find the trailer here.

Review Preview:

I’ll have a review and an interview to go along with my hosting of Deadgirl later this week or next.

Orphan later this week. You can check out the trailer, TV spots and 6 new clips here.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Thursday.


I’m wrapping up my Stuart Gordon Retrospective with Dolls early next week! Next I’ll be moving on to a Cronenberg Retrospective, opening with guest blogger Jerry’s The Brood post!

black sheep

Finally, tomorrow I’m starting up something new: It’s Recommends Day Wednesday! Okay, so the title and/or my rhyming addiction need some work. I’m kicking it off with Black Sheep, a little New Zealand opus that you may or may not have caught.

8 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. As with everything Leonardo DiCaprio does, I have only one response: UUGGGGHHH. Ugh. Idiot.

    They should remake every single Edgar Allan Poe composition separately and do them all in the style of Van Helsing. Including The Cask of Amontillado.

    Also, watch the HK movie Koma, if you haven’t already. I like that movie.

  2. xymarla Says:

    Thanks for the rec, dear. Consider it Netflixed.

  3. What’s the deal with Morgan Freeman, never heard about it! And as for Cronenberg, HELLZ YEAH! If you need any other guest bloggers, consider my ass volunteered.

  4. xymarla Says:

    Please, I volunteered your ass without asking you weeks ago! Obvs you’re a guest blogger for Cronenberg. As for Morgan Freeman, he’s possibly been sleeping with his step-grandaughter that he raised as his own for the past decade or so?

  5. I didn’t know that about Morgan Freeman…


  6. “God, I feel like everyone in Hollywood is about eleventy years old.” GAH SERIOUSLY! when i read the news about cameron diaz and nicolas cage, i was like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. gondry, do you really want the two highest paid worst actors in hollywood?! this is what yr movie needs?!! are you sure?


  7. I feel obligated to report that I am reading more and more good reviews/previews of the upcoming (and already infamous) Jennifer’s Body. Today it was IO9 (also written by a Meredith!), but I’ve read positive previews from several different sources now. All agree that it has that Cody-Diablo-dialogue thing happening – which fills me with dread – but every last one of them has concluded by saying it seems really cool and actually pretty awesome.

    “If you can get past the Diablo Cody-isms, it’s good, old-fashioned, smart horror, with a good heaping of humor.”

    I’ll also mention that the Fango pics looked extremely promising.

    I leave you with an excerpt from the IO9 (and the imposter Meredith) review of it. This is actually the part where they complain, so it probably won’t encourage anyone to see it, but it made me laugh, and I think it captures the risks when using a Diablo Cody script………………….

    “It’s becoming apparent that cheeseball dialog gleaned from the slang of fake teenage tongues are to Diablo Cody what sunsets and sepia tones are to Michael Bay. You know you’re going to get it, no matter what you do or how much you protest. So you’re either on for the ride, or get the heck off. If you can listen to Megan Fox say:

    “You’re totally Jell-O, you’re lime green Jell-O and you can’t even admit it to yourself,”

    to her best friend’s jealous boyfriend without digging your pencil into the side of your leg just to feel a different type of pain, then you can continue on the Diablo horror path knowing (and possibly enjoying) what you’re getting.”

    Well put, IO9.

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