It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

What up, friends? Marla here with all the grue news you can use!

val kilmer

Boring and derivative Chaos Experiment trailer here. Why do directors always insist on putting Val Kilmer in a turtleneck these days? Homeboy is missing the required equipment to rock that style.

the thaw

 I much prefer the look of Kilmer’s upcoming The Thaw, which has a groovy, grody and fast-paced trailer. My interest may also have something to do with my boyfriend Aaron Ashmore’s involvement. Yay Jimmy!

Ashmore’s also supposed to be the male lead in this movie. Oh how I love that he’s becoming a little scream king!

Carla Gugino (Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre) has reunited with Watchmen director Zack Snyder for Sucker Punch, along with Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and lots of other pretty institutionalized lady-types.

Thank lordy the salary dispute has been settled and all the original voice talent will be back for Futurama, or I would have been forced to throw a wicked little temper tantrum and never watch Fox ever again. As though that would be the hugest sacrifice on my part.

You can catch an interview with A Perfect Getaway director David Twohy here.

priest by you.

Take a peek at Paul Bettany in Priest, although I still maintain he would have made a rad and surprising Cassidy in Preacher.

comic books

 Variety‘s got a bit on networks using the old switcheroo by having comic books promote upcoming films and television.

killing room

So here’s a trailer for The Killing Room, starring Chloe Sevigny, Clea Duvall, Timothy Hutton and Nick Cannon. It looks…okay? I don’t know, I like the one room premise, but I don’t know that the story or these actors have the oomph to keep me enthralled. Also I grow weary of the matrix-style credits. 

CW boss Dawn Ostroff is apparently under the impression that moving Smallville to Fridays means that she loves it. Also, she wants it and Supernatural to be around forever, despite the fact that none of the principles or showrunners want that.

“Vampires go in waves, and it kind of feels like we’re now finishing a vampire wave, because at the point where they’re everywhere it’s probably time to go back underground for another 20 years or another 25 years.” Ahh, sweet, brilliant Neil Gaiman. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Zombies=boring. Vampires=boring. Werewolves=boring. I’m reading for mermaids and unicorns to get their 15 minutes!

2995 by you.

There’s loads more news in my weekly movie roundup! Read about Robert Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan, Ridley Scott and Alien, G.I. Joe, ScarJo and Iron-Man 2, Steven Spielberg and Harvey, Judd Apatow, a Pirates sequel, spoilers on Avatar, Jennifer’s Body and [REC]2, Twilight drama (sigh), sad-ass Jennifer Aniston, Tron Legacy, Alice in Wonderland, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Where the Wild Things Are! CLICK THE LINK, DAMMIT.

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I LOVE ME SOME AARON ASHMORE!! even though i don’t watch “smallville” i SWOONED over him on “veronica mars.”

    but ok i hope he also makes non-scary movies so that i can, you know, see his face on the screen from time to time.

    and double true on the unicorn front. it’s tough, though, cos LOTR kind of took a lot of mythical creatures out of the running for a while… mermaids, though? YES.

  2. Um, The Thaw looks pretty awesome. I wish they would have kept the trailer a little more mysterious and less – well, summing up the whole movie in an attempt to not look like The Thing. But, it does look good.

    I also squeed with joy about the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I LOVE stop motion.

    In regards to PD’s fear, I think we are still open for unicorns. The closest we get in LOTR is Shadowfax, and he is just a king of horses. No horns. But damn, can that thing run.

  3. Thank Jeebus about Futurama. I was hoping that would get resolved. Would Fox really mess with me like that? Yes they would.

    Yeah, can we get off of the vamp wave we’re on. I mean, I love them as much as the next tween but come on. Let’s all not jump on the bandwagon.

    Aaron Ashmore: A+

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