It’s News Day Tuesday!

presskid by you.

Hello, homies! I know I’ve done pretty much nothing but NDTD on the old blog lately, but fear not—after October, my life returns to normalcy and I will throw myself back into this blog with a ferocity that will FREAK YOU OUT, okie doke? In the meantime: SCOOP!

sorority row by you.

You can check out the opening 3 minutes of Sorority Row here. It looks…precisely the way I thought it would look, which is to say, retarded. Anything that bills itself as”Audrina Patridge’s new slasher flick” sure isn’t aiming high, is it? Hey Andy from Step Up 2–what are you doing in this movie??

Dread Central brings loads of clips from The Final Destination to the table. I’m not watching any of them because I’m saving it all for my D-Box experience with Henri in 2 weeks! After which, something astonishing and magnificent will appear on this blog–an actual review! Of a movie!

Lundy’s coming to the Dollhouse!

priest by you.

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and Lily Collins are joining Paul Bettany in Priest.

Cutie Mila Kunis talks about Aronofsky’s Black Swan, costarring Natalie Portman.

Shutter Island, the Scorcese/Dicaprio joint that has me SUPER excited by the creepy-ass trailer, has been pushed back to February 9th from October 2nd. This news makes me relieved that I won’t miss the premiere for silly nuptial purposes, which I genuinely found perturbing. My priorities are wack, y’all.

But in the grand scheme of things, I’m still screwed, because now Zombieland has been moved to October 2nd. Hollywood, when are you going to learn to work around my schedule? Gah!

the exorcist

The Exorcist blu-ray? Will not suck.


Ju-On‘s Takashi Shimizu has picked his next project, a horror flick about a haunted song. I don’t actually care, but it’s a slow news day (tuesday).

Another cool still from Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones.

Getcher spoilers on Smallville, Supernatural and Dollhouse here. And they’ve got the trailer for Smallville S9 here. Hey io9, I’m still waiting for that job offer…?

Sam Worthington attends The Edmont Society Affair: A Benefit for Readers & Writers at The Friars Club on October 27, 2008 in New York City.

Marla’s new boyfriend Sam Worthington talks about everything that didn’t work about Terminator Salvation (uhm, duh) and everything that will work about Avatar in this interview. He reads about himself on the internet! SAM WORTHINGTON, YOU HAVE A VERY FUN GIRLFRIEND LIVING IN HOUSTON, TEXAS AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT YET. Come meet her! She’ll buy you beer!


What has two thumbs, no life, and an awesome shot-by-shot breakdown and analysis of Christopher Nolan’s Inception teaser? This guy. Definitely worth a look. JOSEPH! GORDON! LEVITT!

john landis

Daaaang! John Landis + Simon Pegg + grisly murder flick = a movie I will totally see!

chuck bass

Okay so this isn’t exactly the type of scoop that’s usually covered here on DIH, but whatever! It’s my blog and I can squee if I want to. chuckbassgaykissomg! Look who captured my attention after a lackluster season…

2995 by you.

et fin, check out my weekly movie roundup on 29-95 for loads more info on Dinner for Schmucks, Spider-Woman Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Robert Zemeckis’ atrocious plans for a Yellow Submarine remake, Avatar, Inglourious Basterds, District 9, Inception, Taylor Kitsch’s infernal hotness, and Bryan Singer’s seeming inability to make a movie that isn’t a remake, part of a franchise, or Valkyrie.

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Seriously, Hollywood should be more sensitive to your needs. Release dates seem to be pretty flexible, as we have learned with Harry Potter and now Shutter Island. It seems that Zombieland is doing this just to test your allegiances.

    On the subject of the Lovely Bones, I’m gonna have to throw out there that it looks pretty bad. Maybe passable for a normal movie, but this is Peter Jackson we’re talking about. Why won’t he go back to zombies, aliens, homicidal teen girls, and cracked out puppets? Those were the days. Remember when we were in love, Peter?

    Also, I am very, very excited for the new Landis movie!!!

  2. Yeah, I’m with Sally. I am not at all thrilled at the idea of The Lovely Bones as a movie. Either you keep it to the script or you don’t, which means either I’m going to see a small girl raped and murdered or you’re going to have a cop-out, and neither sounds particularly nice. Maybe there will be some hobbits, though.

    But, whatever. Chuck Bass kissing a boy has made this day so much better.

    Also, Meredith, i regret to inform you that I will be attending Zombieland while you are entering into maternal bliss. I mean, Zombies.

  3. Well, I’ve never read The Lovely Bones, but I dunno, I like the stills I’ve seen! I think Peter Jackson can handle it. I have faith in the fella! Although, agreed, OBVS he should go back to zombies, aliens, homicidal teen girls, and cracked out puppets. I mean, obvs.

  4. this part made me Laugh Out Loud for realz:

    “What has two thumbs, no life, and an awesome shot-by-shot breakdown and analysis of Christopher Nolan’s Inception teaser? This guy.”

    then i actually *watched* the inception teaser and stopped laughing cos HOLY SHIZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! is it 2010 yet?!!

    marla you should totally read “the lovely bones.” its a beautiful and disturbing and amazing book. as for the movie… we’ll see.

  5. inglourious basterds is really a nice film that was set on a timeline during World War II “

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