It’s Recommends Day Wednesday!

This RDWD comes with no small amount of chagrin and crow-eating on my part. First, because I haven’t done a Recommends Day Wednesday in a long time. Whoops, new idea that got totally oublietted! (Word invention, yes!)

But also because I’m about to recommend a show that I’ve spent a lot of time ridiculing in the past. I stand here, in front of you today, head hung and hands wrung, to admit that I was wrong. America! I was wrong!

Supernatural kicks ass.

supernatural collage by you.

It does! It totally does! 

Frankly, this post is quite possibly useless, because if you’ve seen enough of this show, then you already know how good it is, and if you haven’t, you’ll never, ever believe me because it looks so dumb and the marketing is hokey and it’s on the CW and watching only a couple of episodes is enough to make you think that Supernatural is just not in on the joke. But you’d be wrong, as I was! This show is most definitely in on the joke.

Now, I’m a ladyperson, so I’m hardly impervious to the smoldering charms of Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester). I’ve had a crush on both boys for years, since they both feature on various shows I’ve seen and they’re crazy smoking hot.


jared padalecki by you.


jensen ackles 3 by you.


jpad by you.


jensen ackles 2 by you.

GAHHH! So I rented Season One from Netflix, and I just wasn’t that impressed. The show really hadn’t gotten its feet yet and it was pretty corny and disjointed. The season had some fun stand alone eps, but I was far from riveted. I think partly because I was watching the discs intermittently, so any cohesiveness they were going for was lost on me, and partly because the boys wear SO MANY CLOTHES on that show! Far too many layers for those Winchester brothers. Their heavenly sculpted torsos are always swathed in a t-shirt, an oxford shirt or hoodie, AND a heavy jacket. Like so:

winchester brothers by you.

So anyway, I made lots of fun of it and stopped watching and I thought that was it. I don’t think I ever even watched the last disc of Season One. But then, I kept hearing about this show! Everywhere! People I like and blogs I respect keep talking about how good it is (like here), and I’d catch periodic eps on the TV and find myself engrossed. So I started watching Season Two, and a strange thing happened: I totally got it. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD!

Sam and Dean Winchester travel the country solving mysteries of the other-world and killing demons. They’re among an elite group of “hunters” that know about those things that bump in the night and, to paraphrase Professor Broom in Hellboy, the hunters are the ones that bump back. Sam and Dean lost their mom to a demon when they were very small, and they were raised on the road learning to be hot bad-asses by their dad, John (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

winchester family by you.

The format of the show is utterly unique. Sam and Dean spend all of their time on the road, and each episode is set in a different town, with different people the Winchesters need to save, a different mischievous spook, a different hotel where they’re crashing. Whenever they read or hear about some sketchy stuff happening in a new town, they swoop in, suss out the situation, save the day, eat some fast food and flirt with some ladies, then book it out of there. They’re no Scully and Mulder, no FBI or secret bureau; they use credit card fraud to fund their missions and they’re not above pretending to be anyone—from priests to Homeland Security agents—in order to solve the case.  There is no home base or set, except for Dean’s magnificent specimen of an automobile, the heart-wrenchingly gorgeous ’67 Impala, the Metallicar (tm TWoP).

metallicar by you.

 The car’s like its own character, and I love her! She’s so pretty! The show has the most kick-ass classic rock soundtrack, too; who knows how much Supernatural must spend on the rights to the music blaring from that Impala’s cherry speakers.

I think the on-the-road formula has created a fraternal bond between Ackles and Padalecki. These actors, just like the characters, really do spend all of their time on the road, going from town to town, staying in different hotels. They’re the only 2 series regulars, at least until older and awesomer hunter Bobby (Jim Beaver) enters the picture. Bobby rocks.

supernatural bobby by you.

This forced closeness could have resulted in the two actors’ resenting or competing with each other. Instead, these guys look like they’re always having such a blast! They seem to really care about each other, and they’ve had to perform some seriously heartbreaking shit, and they master it all with gusto. Ackles and Padalecki can actually act! I never even considered that a possibility!

Supernatural is exec-produced by McG, and yeah, it suffers from testosterone overload LOTS of the time. Despite the mind-boggling gorgeousness happening in the casting, this is definitely a dude’s show, a dude’s show that occasionally caters to the ladies among us with scenes like this, brief shining moments when the far too many layers are shed:

dean shirtless by you.

sam shirtless by you.

But Eric Kripke is the showrunner, and I’m convinced the guy’s a genius. Remember that part I said about the show being in on the joke? Supernatural featured a new, third Winchester brother who appeared out of nowhere last season on an episode entitled Jump the Shark. The man’s got a plan, and it’s a good one. Kripke never intended for the show to last past 5 seasons, and he, Ackles and Padalecki all insist that this coming season is the last. There’s a universe-ending grand scheme and neither he nor the 2 principles want to deviate from that scheme; of course, whether CW boss Dawn Ostroff lets her beefy little cash cow run away is another question. But if the show sells out and does jump the shark, it won’t be Kripke’s fault, and that’s pretty cool.

We’re on Season Three of ol’ SoupNatch (tm Matt) now, and it keeps getting better.  It’s hilarious, scary, slick and original. Season 5 is about to premiere in September, and the fanpersons are squeeing all over the internets about how amazing it’s sure to be. Check out the trailer, rent some Supernatural from Netflix–and don’t be embarrassed, as I was for so long! I’m here to say, loud and proud:

My name is Marla, and I love Supernatural.

winchester brothers car 2 by you.

12 Responses to “It’s Recommends Day Wednesday!”

  1. oh, marla.

  2. Thank you for climbing on board the Supernatural express.
    I have been a fan since the pilot,but I know many have just found the show.
    I started watching because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan,but stayed on board because of the writing and the chemistry of the lead actors.
    I am so looking forward to the new season,watch out Lucifer,the Winchesters have you in their sights.

  3. I think this is a show, much like Lost World, that I will only watch with you and Matt. I don’t see Jose wanting to watch it and I don’t think it would be as fun alone.

  4. those dudes are THE HOTNESS. dizang.

    as for actually watching the show, i probably won’t, more due to time than anything else. but you’ve made an excellent case for it here! moreover, you should NEVER feel ashamed of shows you love– people that disagree are just missing out!

  5. Carol Annly Says:

    Welcome to the world of ‘Supernatural’ It’s an intoxicating ride.

  6. Regarding previous appearances of the holy hotnesses, I hope that one of the shows you were making very slight references to was Days of Our Lives.

  7. Eric Brady! YES! I fell in love with him that summer.

  8. I would also like to give my praise of the show. It’s just plain fun to watch. And they get away with some surprising stuff too. I think people tend to write it off as stupid and empty but if you give it a chance, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  9. This show was the one that you tried during our “WGA Strike Is On, So Try Something New” experiment. I overdid it, and induced extreme paranois in myself by watching too much “X-Files” too fast. (I still won’t sleep too close to a heating vent.) Your choice, however, seems to have stuck better than mine! I’m definitely going to give this one a try!

  10. And both shows involve 2 people, one serious, one wacky, driving around in a car investigating supernatural events!

  11. This show took a while to really grow on me too. But once I was hooked it was line and sinker.

    If you haven’t watched the back half of season 1, you should really check out the last 3 epis. They really set up the mythology for the rest of the series and the finale is still one of the best episodes of the entire run.

  12. I also discovered this show recently and was ambivalent about the 1st season. I’ve since become utterly hopelessly addicted. It’s so unbelievably good! From the stellar acting to the scares, humor, and beautifully handled drama!

    I would be ashamed to admit this to my friends and family, but Supernatural is now my all-time favorite show. Ever. Better than Buffy, The West Wing, The Sopranos, Lost, Mad Men, or anything else I’ve ever seen.

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