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Smallville Season 9 Report Card

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(Update! This is the mid-season report card. You can find the final report card for all of Season 9 here!)


Hello Smallville fans! This post is for you today–that’s right, every single one of you!

As previously posted on DIH, producers are marveling that the typical death knell that is the Friday Night Move is proving to not be as lethal as expected for our resilient little show. Smallville’s pretty much kicking ass and taking names in the Friday night department (hardly a juggernaut evening, but still), and producers and other PTB are already talking about a 10th season.

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Top 10 Halloween Must-See Movies This Year

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Welcome, all! Want to look like these kids?

Then you’re in luck! Welcome to my totally unofficial and hastily crafted list of what I want to watch and most likely will watch this Halloween season! Halloween’s sadly getting a late start for me this year, an unprecedented occurance, so I’m totally going to make my scary movie-watching creep into November. Which is a hilarious thing to say, because ’round these parts, it’s always scary movie season.

Anyway! In alphabetical order, I present to you: MARLA’S TOP 10 HALLOWEEN MUST-SEE MOVIES THIS YEAR!

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Guys! I’m sorry to say, you’re stuck with me again, although I know you’ll surely miss the witty bloggish stylings of Jerry and Reverend Jon. I know I will! But THIS return-to-Marla-form NDTD has a very special OMG! BONUS FEATURE! WTF! at the end: two 10 Second Reviews of movies I watched but didn’t have time to review during Nuptial Mania 2009! You lucky bastards!

But first, le scoope:

the fourth kind

Creepy abduct-happy clip of sci-fi princess Milla Jovavich in The Fourth Kind here.

Oh my my my, this Supernatural fan convention ep sounds delicious! SoupCon!

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Interview with Charles Band

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I’m back! Married and scary and ready to deliver the spooky goods! You’ll be seeing lots more action on DIH here in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be shaking things up with some new formatting changes and loads of new content. It’s all VERY EXCITING!

But in the meantime, check out my interview of Charles Band, producer of the Puppetmaster series and of most of my favorite Stuart Gordon flicks, on!

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Good evening, and Happy Tuesday!  Jerry here, giving you a quick update on the movie-newsies of the week.  Before we proceed, let me just be the first person to use Marla’s blog to post CONGRATULATIONS ON FINDING THE ONE PERSON AS COOL AS YOU AND THEN MARRYING HIM!

With that out of the way, let’s see what Hollywood has been up to, shall we?


Oklahoma's "Curly"

Hugh Jackman adds to his reputation as “The Best Actor to Never Make a Good Movie” by considering the lead role in what Io9 describes as “RoboRocky.” I know, right?  A boxing movie about robots is totally gonna be the pic that finally lifts Jackman into Oscar territory!

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Faithful flock, it’s me again, Reverend Jon!

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Canal Plus, a.k.a. The Euro HBO, a.k.a. the people behind every interesting foreign film you’ve seen, have given the go-ahead to a 12 episode mini-series based on the lives of everyone’s favorite incestuous murders (and no I don’t mean the Menendez brothers): the Borgias! This project is apparently going to be competing with a similar project headed up by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with a Vampire) on Showtime.

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