It’s News Day Tuesday!


Good evening, and Happy Tuesday!  Jerry here, giving you a quick update on the movie-newsies of the week.  Before we proceed, let me just be the first person to use Marla’s blog to post CONGRATULATIONS ON FINDING THE ONE PERSON AS COOL AS YOU AND THEN MARRYING HIM!

With that out of the way, let’s see what Hollywood has been up to, shall we?


Oklahoma's "Curly"

Hugh Jackman adds to his reputation as “The Best Actor to Never Make a Good Movie” by considering the lead role in what Io9 describes as “RoboRocky.” I know, right?  A boxing movie about robots is totally gonna be the pic that finally lifts Jackman into Oscar territory!



Counterpointing Wolverine’s too-good-for-this-movie reputation, Olivia Wilde, a mostly-television actress, talks about playing the lead in motherfuckin’ Tron Legacy!

Stay away from the light!

Stay away from the light!

If you’d like to see Peter Jackson offer a different take on the afterlife than his version in The Frighteners, check out Wired Magazine’s behind-the-scenes video on PJ’s visual approach to The Lovely Bones.  There are possible spoilers in the video, but I’m told they are early reveals in the book as well, so click on through.


Liam Neeson, lounging around the house

Because he is Darkman, Schindler, Rob Roy, the guy from Taken, a Jedi, and an all-around Man among men, here’s a shot of Liam Neeson dressed up as ZEUS for Louis Leterrer’s upcoming Clash of the Titans “reimagining.”  Link here, but let me sum up by saying this movie is going to be some kind of awesome, though whether that’s the deliberate or accidental kind remains to be seen. The good? Neeson as Zeus, Sam Worthington as Perseus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades (of course), and Mads Mikkelsen with a sword.  And they’re shooting on 5 continents. The iffy? It’s the director and production team behind The Incredible Hulk.  Still, did you see that cast?!


Dude, that is a Jeremy Piven pose.

Here is Quentin Tarantino completely overwhelming some poor translator, while he discusses his plan to make a third Kill Bill movie.  This one will take place 10 years down the line, and will involve breathtaking, virtuosic filmmaking combined with soul-grinding, self-indulgent dialogue.  Who says filmmakers can’t grow (looking at you, Rodriguez…)?

Blahdriguez's new muse.  Watch out, Rose McGowan!

Blahdriguez's new muse. Watch out, Rose McGowan!

Speaking of Blahdriguez, it seems my ex-favorite director has decided to try and drag a few more souls to hell with him.  Variety reports that Oscar-winner and fool Adrien Brody has signed on to play the lead role of “heroic mercenary” in Predators, RR’s upcoming “reboot” of the once-awesome franchise.  RR is on a real role these days.  Why, just last month he had Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba on the same set for his trailer-turned-feature-film “Machete!” So, you can see why Adrien Brody wants in on the action.  According to Variety, Brody and his reps “lobbied hard for this one.” Who wouldn’t?

Bryan Singer (right), with Frank Langella

Bryan Singer (right), with Frank Langella

On the subject of directors who talk a lot, Bryan Singer is now “talking to Fox” about the possibility of directing another X-Men movie.  Singer’s been floating this possibility ever since he saw Brett (I Suck) Ratner pee all over his franchise, and he seems to be serious.  Yay?


Finally, the highly anticipated Josh Whedon/Drew Goddard horror collaboration, The Cabin in the Woods, has been pushed back A YEAR by MGM, with a new release date of January 14, 2011.  That’s the bad news.  The good news? They are now going to release it in 3-D. 3-D!!

And that’s it! That is literally every single thing happening in the world of film.  See you next week, when the lovely, newly-married Marla returns!

10 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Wowzers, firecrotch looks particularly awful in that photo! looks like she had a rough night of being amanda lepore for halloween. The clash of the titans will def. be something to see, but I agree that the irony levels have yet to be determined.

  2. I have to say, I’m so not excited for The Lovely Bones. I’m also not excited about Alice & Wonderland. I should be more supportive and let directors grow and flourish in the mainstream, but I miss the old Jackson and Burton!

    I’m glad Rodriguez is showing his true colors. Perhaps he picks up actresses from the trash heap so that he doesn’t get blamed for their downfall, but would be responsible for their resurgence…a la other UT grad, Wes Anderson’s boosting of Bill Murray’s career.

  3. Yeah, I miss old Jackson and Burton, too. In fact, I miss the old Tim Burton music – Danny Elfman and Burton are both still working, doing huge, mainstream productions – but I just rewatched Beetlejuice, and neither of them has done anything that memorable in years. The fact that Sam Raimi went and did Drag Me To Hell between Spider Man movies gives me hope that someday, PJ and TB will both revisit their cinematic roots.

    And I’ve been growing disenchanted with Rodriguez for years now. I’ve never seen someone with so much natural talent just REFUSE to grow as an artist, and ever since he left his wife, the quality of his work (and his collaborators) has plummeted even more dramatically. Though to be fair, I do give him credit for re-launching Mickey Rourke’s career.

  4. Cabin in the Woods is now coming out in 2011?!!? I leave the internet for TWO WEEKS and mayhem ensues. Still, 3D, eeee!

    Wonderful job, darling Jerry! Thank you so much!

  5. jerry, yr captions make me lolz.


    and maybe i’m a glutton for punishment but i would LOVE for bryan singer to take back x-men and make another movie, hopefully of the same caliber as X-2 which is probably my fave superhero movie ever outside of the batman franchise. it would be even COOLER if he asked joss to adapt his astonishing series except then my pants might EXPLODE.


  7. Man, the Lohan looks about eleventy in that picture. Are they sure that’s not a tranny impersonator?

    And btw, that’s not Liam Neeson on set, he’s just hanging out in his backyard. He’s that awesome!

    And regarding Cabin: I’m fine with postponing movies as long as they make them better. 3-D sounds like a definite improvement.

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