It’s News Day Tuesday!

Guys! I’m sorry to say, you’re stuck with me again, although I know you’ll surely miss the witty bloggish stylings of Jerry and Reverend Jon. I know I will! But THIS return-to-Marla-form NDTD has a very special OMG! BONUS FEATURE! WTF! at the end: two 10 Second Reviews of movies I watched but didn’t have time to review during Nuptial Mania 2009! You lucky bastards!

But first, le scoope:

the fourth kind

Creepy abduct-happy clip of sci-fi princess Milla Jovavich in The Fourth Kind here.

Oh my my my, this Supernatural fan convention ep sounds delicious! SoupCon!

If you’re as super-into The House of the Devil as I am (you are, right? Right??), you can twitter-flirt with filmmaker Ti West this Thursday! “Dear Mr. West, are you single? Love, Marla.” Just kidding! Obvs I’ll ask loads of super profesh questions as a solemn member of the blogging community.

Ooh ooh! Former Marla interviewee Trent Haaga (Troma vet and Deadgirl screenwriter) has been hooked up with his directorial debut, CHOP. Yay Trent! 


Awesome! io9 calls Smallville the cockroach of TV, in the good way! Friday nights be damned, my silly little show is thriving. They’ve also got some Smallville spoilers here, as well as scoop on Avatar and True Blood.

I’ll post my new Weekly Movie Roundup when it’s up tomorrow!


10 Second Review:

I was apparently the only person in America to watch this movie, and I was originally one of the most skeptical. But dudes–it was rad. Gory, hilarious, irreverent with incisive feminist undertones and featuring ADAM BRODY AS A DEVIL-WORSHIPPING BRANDON FLOWERS. Yeah, rent it.

Okay, it was a really long time ago that I watched this movie, and I wasn’t at my most sober, so! My seat shook, the dimensions were three-fold, there was a blatant rip-off of Chuck Palahniuk’s Guts, via the literal rip-off of this one douchebag’s actual guts. Anyhoo, I dug it. That first, most important death vision rocked, and as per yooj, you can’t beat Death, no, you just can’t beat him.

Review Preview:

the fourth kind

Tonight I’ll be checking out a sneak of The Fourth Kind, so look for my write-up on in the next couple of days.

the brood

Jerry will soon be kicking off DIH’s new David Cronenberg Retrospective with The Brood, a movie which I am shocked and ashamed to admit I saw for the first time JUST LAST NIGHT. DUUUUUUUUUDES. Prepare yourselves. Also, NEVER TRUST A TUMOR IN A SNOWSUIT.

If you’ll recall, the theater was sent a bum print when I was so thrilled to check out the midnight showing of Deadgirl ON MY BIRTHDAY. Well I am finally free and unfettered to watch and review it in the next week. Eeee!

Okay, so have a very, very super horrific Hallowee-k, and don’t lame out on a sister, yo: WEAR A COSTUME. EAT SOME CANDY. WATCH A SCARY MOVIE. DOOOOOO something this Halloween! I’ll do what I can to help out the cause by posting my Top 10 List of Halloween Must-Sees This Year tomorrow!

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. You hadn’t seen the Brood!?!?! Isn’t it KICKASS!?!?!?!?! uh, so creepy!!

  2. OMG, I KNOW?!?! I almost sent you an ecstatic recommendation yesterday, before I was like, “There’s no way Jon hasn’t already seen this movie.” KICK-ASSSSSSSSSSSS!

  3. the brief description of “the brood” that marla sent me yesterday was enough, not only to insure that i will never see this movie, but also that i will run screaming the next time i see a kid in a snowsuit. cos WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  4. Welcome back, Marla!

    I’ll be excited when I finally catch up to that SoupNatch ep about the convention. I love how they somehow manage to walk the line between funny and serious without making the show stupid in either sense. I’ll be interested to see where the show goes.

    Also, House of the Devil? Yes please. I want to go to there.

  5. Brood will now have to be my next up Cronenberg. So appropriate for the holidays! Welcome back!!

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