Top 10 Halloween Must-See Movies This Year

Welcome, all! Want to look like these kids?

Then you’re in luck! Welcome to my totally unofficial and hastily crafted list of what I want to watch and most likely will watch this Halloween season! Halloween’s sadly getting a late start for me this year, an unprecedented occurance, so I’m totally going to make my scary movie-watching creep into November. Which is a hilarious thing to say, because ’round these parts, it’s always scary movie season.

Anyway! In alphabetical order, I present to you: MARLA’S TOP 10 HALLOWEEN MUST-SEE MOVIES THIS YEAR!

And no, I haven’t seen all of these yet, but I’m totally going to, so you can stick your “poseur!” back in your pants, Judge-y Bob. 

Obviously! I watched this Monday night and squealed in both delight and terror. Jerry will be reviewing it soon, so I’ll leave the rest up to him.


An incisive look at zombie rape. No, not rape BY zombies, that’s been done before. Rape OF zombies, by teenage boys. See? Incisive.


An old standby. The only movie I can watch 40 or 50 times and still scare myself silly, which is obviously the goal. Trust me. I have tested this theory.


uhm DUH. The score is my ringtone. Even when it’s not Halloween.


Another duh. The movie around which this blog was formed. I just can’t help but watch these movies every year. I NEED them, okay? And so do you. You should listen to me; I’m a professional.

house of the devil

Oh HELLZ YES. I’ve got this coming in the mail thanks to a very good friend, and thanks to its Friday release date, you can catch it in time for Halloween, too!

paranormal activity

You gotta see one scary flick in the theater right? As much as I love couch time with my own refreshments, movies are always scarier when you can’t pause them or turn on the lights.

poster 70x100 Slither nl nieuw 5.indd

Abso. brilliant and deserving of its own post, which it will receive after I’m done rewatching it for the dozenth time.


Another classic! Can’t have a schlock-fest without Argento!

And finally!

trick r treat

I’ve been waiting for this to come out on vid for MONTHS, and now it’s coming my way! Look at that cover! I’LL BE WATCHING YOU SOON, MOVIE. JUST YOU WAIT.

So, holla back, folks! What movies do you feel you have to watch every Halloween season?

8 Responses to “Top 10 Halloween Must-See Movies This Year”

  1. Great list! I am in complete agreement with you on this one.

    I’d like to add a few to the list. Not because anything deserves to be bumped, it’s just movies I’ve been thinking about lately:
    1) House-(not the MD but a movie about a house) I watched this a bunch as a kid because it was always on HBO this time of year. It’s probably actually really bad but I haven’t seen it in years so it’s got me wondering.
    2) Killer Klowns from Outerspace–classic and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.
    3) Orphan–quite a surprising movie this year. And it’s almost out on DVD.

  2. Excellent additions, Schlab. I’m sure we can work them in.

  3. i’m sure you will NOT be shocked by the fact that i haven’t seen ANY of these movies. nor will you be surprised when i say that my idea of a good fall film is “you’ve got mail.” who am i kidding, that’s a good ANYTIME movie!!!!

    so, um, which of these movies could i actually handle?

  4. Sarah, I think you could definitely handle Slither. It’s at times funny and it’s always colorful and brilliant. It’s super gory, but in such an over-the-top way that it’s not really scary, you know, and you can always close your eyes for the gross parts. And Henri still has our copy, so you can watch it soon!

  5. Nice!

    I have to say that I do not have any favorites that I repeat–YET–as you just got me into the practice of watching scary movies at this time of year last year. I saw some AMAZING ones last year that still have me slightly chilled–Inside, the Descent–and this year I have Hellraiser (never seen it!) Oldboy (which I thought was horror but now I’m told it isn’t?) and Fido, which turns out to be a comedy! haha, so I maybe got it wrong this year.

    As for just general favorites, even though I may not watch every year:
    Tremors (i was in love with this as a kid, Reba, Kevin Bacon, who could ask for anything more)
    The Shining (’nuff said)
    and 28 Days later (aka, best zombie pic yet)

  6. I almost put The Shining on here, Rev! Double true. You know, I haven’t seen Tremors since I was a kid, so I’m going to have to check it out as an adult. 28 Days Later is FANTASTIC, and if you haven’t seen its sequel, 28 weeks Later, it’s a worthy follow-up. I’m curious about the upcoming 28 Months Later that Erin just told me about.

    You’ll LOOOOOVE Hellraiser, Jon, it’s very you. So 80s and Cronenberg-esque. (Sorry, Barker, but it is). I consider Oldboy a horror film, I think. I mean, it’s suspenseful and fucked up and dark, so. It’s AWESOME. I’ve enver seen or heard of this Fido movie…

  7. Just watched Trick ‘r Treat last night, and was delighted to see the creepy pederast from Happiness in it. Not as scary as I had hoped, but it definitely had some nice twists and turns.

    The Brood was checked out, alas! I’ve been itching to see it!!

  8. fuck

    Top 10 Halloween Must-See Movies This Year | Danny Isn’t Here, Mrs. Torrance

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