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It’s Flu’s Day Tuesday!

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And as such, I am not feeling very newsy. Here’s what little scoop I could be arsed to gather. 

Joss is a vanguard!

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Under the Dome scoop!

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King and Spielberg are collaborating to bring Under the Dome to cable as the TELEVISION MINI-SERIES EVENT OF THE DECADE! (says me)

Under the Dome was already going to make one sensational mini-series no matter what. But now that S-Spiel has stepped in, we know it’ll be a huge, history-making success. And you guys, I will BRING IT, totally 3rd grade Marla-style!

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You may remember that I had an interview with Deadgirl screenwriter Trent Haaga back in July, and that I was supposed to host the film at the River Oaks Theatre during its midnight release run. The theatre received a bum print and I never got a chance to see it. Until last night.

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It’s Recommends Day Wednesday!

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I opted to skip NDTD yesterday in order to give a little more blog time to my kick-ass contributors Jerry and Erin, because their reviews were both so fun. Also, I’m lazy! Everybody wins!

I figured I hadn’t done a RDWD in some time, so let’s run with one today, okay folks?

I was talking to a friend about The Mist the other day, discussing how I found myself so pleasantly surprised upon my first viewing. I realized, “Why the hell have I not preached this Misty gospel to that hungry congregation that is the world wide web?!” No one truly understands The Mist, no one believes me until they’ve seen it. I know, I know, most Stephen King movies aren’t particularly hard-core. Or, you know, good. Spoken by a true Stephen King fan, still I repeat: the movies? They suck.*

*this obviously does not apply to The Shining, Shawshank Redemption or Misery. All of which premiered 20-30 years ago, so move on.

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David Cronenberg Retrospective: The Brood

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David Cronenberg: Canadian by birth, madman by the grace of God.

There’s an expression that says Hitchcock figured out tension; Spielberg mastered awe; Lucas nailed artifice.  Cronenberg, on the other hand, figured out something altogether different.  From his earliest efforts (Rabid, Shivers), through his 1980s output (Videodrome, The Fly), to his more recent films (History of Violence, Eastern Promises), a couple of very particular threads run through his work.  The first is biological horror – the sensation of watching your body change, turn into something alien, something that you can’t necessarily control.  The second is the force of manipulation, and its consequences. Whether the issue is child manipulation, body manipulation, or manipulation of one’s psyche, you can count on Cronenberg to examine the issues, then ABSOLUTELY FREAK YOU THE FUCK OUT, COMPLETELY.

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2012: The Day The Earth Yawned

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By guest blogger Erin


A few years ago, my friend Courtney and I had a little blog that was solely dedicated to watching crappy movies and then making fun of them.  Our motto was “We watch them so you don’t have to.”  Unfortunately, after only a year or two of this, we realized that we had to stop throwing away our hard-earned money on tickets to really crappy movies.  But this weekend, we decided to give it another go and sought out a film that we knew would make us thrill to the delights of a bloated budget, gasp as yet another CGI marvel flickered across the screen, and swoon at a generic romance that had no place occurring while the world was coming to an end.  Yes, we decided to watch 2012

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The House of the Devil

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I finally got to watch Ti West’s The House of the Devil last week. And oh man, was it worth the wait!

The House of the Devil is set in the early 80s, and West’s dedication to the era is all-encompassing. The film’s cinematography, plot structure, wardrobe, dialogue and soundtrack are all deliciously retro, and West even went so far as to build an ad campaign that correlates with the film’s old-school spirit. This bad-ass trailer caught my attention months ago: Continue reading

Trick ‘r Treat

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This B is really more of an average, splitting the difference between an A for tone, structure, and gore, and a big fat EFFFFF for camera work. I’m looking for a way to express how catastrophic the camera work is for Trick ‘r Treat, and I’m landing somewhere between soft-core porn and Lifetime original movie.

Oh yes. That bad.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Hello film lovers! I’m taking a brief respite from my voracious consumption of the new Stephen King joint Under the Dome to bring you a hurried and distracted NDTD. Then let me get back to my book, for god’s sake!

I find myself bankrupt of words powerful enough to express my profound relief at this news: the imprudent remake of Oldboy directed by Stephen Spielberg and starring Will Smith has been squashed. Guys, I actually like Stephen Spielberg. I totally LOVE Will Smith. But this was the worst fucking idea ever conceived in Hollywood, the city that is bringing us White Chicks 2. Oh by the by, Will’s now going to be starring in the adaptation of Flowers for Algernon so…there’s that.

Oh man, this news is so geeksweet I can barely type it for spazzing! PAM GRIER IS JOINING THE CAST OF SMALLVILLE AS AMANDA WALLER. Dudes! The casting is so epic and the plot implications so thrilling that I absolutely cannot WAIT for her arc to begin. ZOMG!!

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The Fourth Kind

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Check out my review of The Fourth Kind on!