Under the Dome scoop!


King and Spielberg are collaborating to bring Under the Dome to cable as the TELEVISION MINI-SERIES EVENT OF THE DECADE! (says me)

Under the Dome was already going to make one sensational mini-series no matter what. But now that S-Spiel has stepped in, we know it’ll be a huge, history-making success. And you guys, I will BRING IT, totally 3rd grade Marla-style!

When I was 8, IT premiered on television over two consecutive nights. I can imagine myself squirming through the school day, tapping my pencil impatiently on my desk and kicking my short little Marla legs out from my chair, just DYING to get home, scarf some dinner, grab an Orange Crush and dive onto the couch with my dad to watch some massively scary shizz unfold. Pennywise the Clown was only ever glimpsed through my stubby little fingers, because I could just barely stand to look at…this:

Yeeps! S. S. Georgie, noooo!!! You’re floating the wrong way!!

Even though I was just a teeny little Marla at the time, I’d already read the book, because my father is a newspaper publisher and doesn’t believe in censorship of the written word. He made me promise I’d skip over the bad parts. I totally fibbed!

The point being, I LIVE for mini-series(es) made out of novels that I love. Screw theatrical releases; they have to leave out so much! I want EVERY DETAIL! Sorry, Keira Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice, but unless you are 5 hours long, I’m not interested.

So I’m totally going to watch Under the Dome old school-style: LIVE on an ACTUAL TELEVISION with REAL COMMERCIALS, telling my friends that sorry, I can’t go out, because I have some serious squealing to tend to on my sofa! And then I will review it in infinite detail here, on DIH!

4 Responses to “Under the Dome scoop!”


    and i feel the same way you do about the awesome mini-series of our youth, although with my parents, it was more like BBC stuff on PBS than, say, creepy creepy clowns. but i DID watch the stand and literally cried every night out of heartbreak and, ok, terror that the world might actually end at any moment. molly ringwald I LOVE YOU.

    this will be AMAZING! omg hurry up and lend me this book already!!!!!!!!

  2. BBC pride and prejudice- yessssss…. IT- nooooooo…. My room as a child was decorated (walls and all) in clowns. Needless to say, that mini-series ruined me.
    How is the Dome book? I’m sure you’ve finished it by now. I would buy it if it wasn’t a 35 dollar hardcover. *cough* cheap*cough*


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE miniseries. I dunno, just the whole aspect of it makes me feel really close to the community around me. Like I remember being 8 and my dad and I watching the 8 hour Jack the Ripper miniseries with Michael Caine (so, similar to marla and her dad, only instead of creepy clowns, it was the ripping up of prozzies. oh and then we’d get out my dad’s jack the ripper books and look at all the crime photos). It was one of the best times of my life. Oh! And remember when everyone watched Scarlett? I mean, yeah, Scarlett blew chunks but I felt really close to all my classmates and teachers, cause everyone was watching it!

    So, in summation, I am frightened yet excited about this.

  4. I didn’t know that IT was a miniseries!!! I can’t believe they aired that. It is way ballsy because that shit it STILL scary!!! That show single handedly ruined Für Elise for me. It is now only a creepy song, and not a love song at all.

    Anyway, I am very excited for this new miniseries, but I’ve got to get a TV! Let’s hope HULU pulls through for me, the sweet ol’ gal!

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