It’s Flu’s Day Tuesday!


And as such, I am not feeling very newsy. Here’s what little scoop I could be arsed to gather. 

Joss is a vanguard!


This article is all about how Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. And I can get behind that.

Find Iron-Man 2 scoop and a new pic of His Holy Hotness here

The Howling is back.

That’s all you get! Sleepytimes for Marla!

2 Responses to “It’s Flu’s Day Tuesday!”

  1. awww, flu day tuesday! i hope you never happen again!

    with that being said, hopefully you can find a new use for yr flu clip art cos it is MY FAVORITE.

    feel better, honey pants!

  2. I can get behind some JGL gushing. That man does have mad skillz. Come on, Brick anyone?

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