It’s News Day Tuesday!

Recuperation comes in the form of sweet, sweet scoop.


Marla’s favorite reluctant assassin, Jason Bourne, is having a bit of a struggle coming back to the big screen. Greengrass is out.  Bring in Tony Gilroy! He rocks my socks and he’s already proven he can direct. Hollywood, do not deprive your loyal subjects of Jason Bourne’s glorious shoulders and sexy conscience!

Speaking of glorious shoulders, here are some new pics from Iron-Man 2!

kill bill

Quentin Tarantino says a whole lot of nothing about “volume 3 of the story of The Bride.”  So if you’re really into non-information, click here.

buffy comic

Jane Espenson talks about the cliffhangery end to her arc for the comic Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight.

John Landis is producing the film with my favorite title ever: Some Guy Who Kills People. That is all I know; that is all I need to know.

Review Preview:


I’m moving along the David Cronenberg Retrospective with Scanners within the week.

princess and the frog

And if you’re one of those fanpersons who’s into both grisly horror flicks AND sentimental Disney movies (hey, we’re out there!), I’ll be writing up The Princess and the Frog for 29-95 this week!

10 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I didn’t realise that Greengrass was out. Nuts. I’m not really bothered with a Bourne 4 now.

    Also, I’m really looking forward to Iron Man 2, but I didn’t really like Iron Man very much. Is this an X-Men 2 scenario or am I just dreaming?

  2. Hard to know, John, as I loved Iron-Man. But X-Men 2 is indisputably superior to the first.

    I know, it’s a bummer about Greengrass.

  3. It’s more serious than just Greengrass being out. Matt Damon is intensely loyal to Greengrass – they just finished Green Zone together – and he’s openly discussed walking off the franchise if Greengrass isn’t involved.

    Actually, I’m not sure I care that much. I loved the first Bourne, didn’t much care for the second, and loved the third. But unless they come up with a whole new framework for Bourne, where are they gonna go? He now knows everything about his background, he got his revenge, and he’s free of his past.

    I think the coolest thing would be if they’d just quit while they’re ahead.

  4. Hmmm, the Bourne news is a little disconcerting. As much as I’d like to see another installment, I want it to actually be good. Not sure if they can deliver on that one now.

    IM2 needs to come out already. Enough with the teaser pics, let’s have a trailer.

    Can’t wait for Scanners.

  5. I really enjoyed the second flick–Greengrass didn’t even direct the first, he only did the second and third. I would only be interested if Gilroy directed the third, as he’s the only person behind the scenes who’s been involved in all three installments. Also, I just really, really miss Jason Bourne. He’s my friend and I miss him.

  6. Iron Man, much like School of Rock, is a movie that makes me feel uneasy, because I feel like the only person in the world who didn’t like it. Still looking forward to Iron Man 2.

    I loved the second and third Bourne movies and was very ‘meh’ about the first. They need Damon of course; not only would it become a straight-to-DVD movie overnight, but he is busy becoming the best actor in the WORLD, Team America style.

    How about a Bourne prequel?? Rock it like it’s the late 1990s! Bring back the girl from Run Lola Run! For the love of God, don’t let Julia Stiles anywhere near the set! Joan Allen must somehow be involved, regardless of how little sense it makes!

  7. JOHN HARNEY I ELECT YOU TO DIRECT THE FOURTH BOURNE MOVIE TOUT DE SUITE. Screw Gilroy! Anyone who gives the VITAL decree of keeping Julia Stiles far, far away from the set has my unilateral approval.

  8. John has also won my vote for New Bourne Director – keep Stiles away from this series (all movies, actually)!. I know Greengrass only did 2 and 3, but I honestly don’t even remember anything about 2 except the beginning with Lola, and that the car chase was waaaaay overhyped. 3 is amazing, and kinda definitive, as far as being absolutely perfectly made in every possible way.

    I did just go back and watch the first one again, though, and I was shocked by how much better it was than I remembered. It’s the only one of the three where Matt Damon EVER smiles, it’s really well shot & directed, Clive Owen’s part is fantastic (and surprisingly emotional), and there’s an actual joy to Damon’s demeanor (and the story) at times, as he realizes what he can do, and that he’s got this awesome chick to hang out with. I’m fucking sick of “serious-face” Jason Bourne.

    Seriously, watch the first one again. You will miss that version of Bourne. I still say let the series end, or find a whole new approach.

  9. I am definitely both a horror and cartoon fan. I think there are more of us than let on! I am reluctantly excited about the P & F…can anyone say HAND DRAWN? Also, can anyone say RACIAL STEREOTYPES?

    Some Guy Who Kills People, even if it sucks, the title will get me at least 30 minutes through the movie happily.

    Also, the Brood is awesome. I just watched it this weekend, and I am so excited for the Scanners review, since I ALSO haven’t seen that one. I don’t think I should have watched Crash first…

  10. um wait WHY is no one talking about robert downey junior’s ARM in that picture? HOLY HOTNESS.

    i have a feeling that iron man 2 won’t fall into the x-men 2 category, where it’s better than the first. i just don’t believe it’s possible for it to be better, cos i love iron man SO MUCH. but, well, mickey rourke IS pretty awesome.

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