It’s News Day Tuesday!

Oooh, I have oodles of scooples for you today, my little lovelies! I love when the internet ‘splodes on itself, don’t you?


I really, really, really want to see this movie, okay? Benicio! Sir Anthony! Hugo! WOLFMAN! Thanks to the always-awesome Backline Show  for the link. Check out the vintage-y trailer and rub your hands together in delicious anticipation, á la Marla.

Yeah, well, McG, people in hell want ice water. And speaking of people in hell, DON’T MAKE ME WATCH ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR STUPID MOVIES.

The littlest villain that could, the adorbs Isabelle Fuhrman from Orphan, has a very matter-of-fact strategy for terrifying the shit out of you.

nightmare on elm street

Go here to check out a new close-up of Freddy (Jackie Earle Haley) from the newest Nightmare. The film is currently in reshoots.

brad pitt vampire

Old Grandpa Pitt is looking to jump on the trendy wagon with a new vampire movie! Edgy! Pitt wants to produce Vlad, a film about the Impaler of Olde on whom Stoker allegedly based Dracula (with Pitt presumably to star? Dunno). Don’t expect to get any of that Interview hotness back, honey. Those days are long gone.


Jimmy C talks about Avatar and why the Na’vi are blue. Oh and if you haven’t yet, check out the truly abominable theme song for the flick. Why, Jim? WHY?


Uhm, duh. Stan Lee will have a cameo in Thor. In other Marvel news, studio chairman David Maisel is stepping down.

Indie Wire is republishing interviews from the past decade, and I’m just really excited to read this one with Hedwig‘s John Cameron Mitchell. JCM forevs!

eli roth

Eli Roth talks about Invasion.

Looks like Dark Shadows will be Tim Burton’s next project after Alice. Awesome? I think it’s awesome. I’m pretty sure. Shit, who wouldn’t want to see Johnny Depp as Barnabas?

Okay, so Ryan Reynold’s charming Wade Wilson/scary Deadpool was a shining beacon of fun-and-sexy in the wasteland of tedium that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And so I was somewhat interested in the Deadpool Origins flick, despite the fact that I counted on more idiotic and overwrought writing and revisionist history. And now! Rumor has it that Zombieland writers Reese and Wernick may take the reigns on this one? HOT AND POSSIBLY NOT COMPLETELY STUPID?! I will totally watch this movie!

the wraith

Lionsgate will out with a special edition DVD of The Wraith.

lego harry potter

Yes! I love the Lego vid games! A Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 will be released in 2010. And I will buy it!


Oh hooray! MST3K is on Hulu now! I totally watched Secret Agent Super Dragon on my lunch break today and squeed with delight. I missed you, Tom Servo!

frank langella

Woot! Frank Langella is joining Liam Neeson and January Jones in Dark Castle’s upcoming thriller Unknown White Male. Anything has to be better than The Box for my homeboy, am I right?


If you care about useless sequels, here are clips from the upcoming The Descent 2 and an interview with the director Jon Harris. If you care.


I’m really excited about this movie! Paul, starring my fave duo Pegg-and-Frost, directed by Adventureland‘s Greg Mottola and co-starring the best comedy cast of the year (Jane Lynch, Bill Hader, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogan’s adorable voice) will be featured on this blog lots and lots. I’m just letting you know.

Holy lord, the Michael Bay Victoria’s Secret commercial brings the lolz with an EXPLODING VENGEANCE OF FURY! Yep, that’s pretty much how I predicted he’d do it.

8 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Mere, I love your writing! You are SO good. :)

  2. Aww, thanks, big sis! That’s nice to hear!

  3. Ok, I know you’re avoiding a lot of Avatar hype, but I’m pretty sure Cameron’s ego has gotten out of control. I’m going to see it, and I’ll probably dig it, but there’s going to be some “meh” in there! Just saying!

    Deadpool movie sounds awesome.

    Did you check the liveblog on gizmodo of McG’s blu-ray commentary? Hilarious!! He still insists his family came up with his stupid nickname, he thinks Salvation is better than T3, he had really hoped to deliver the best movie in the series (i.e. BETTER than T2!!!!!!!) and he talks about why he took the Bloodgood scene out for taste reasons (then why did you shoot it, asshole??). I hate that guy. He also insists he is making T5 right now, and if he is, I officially lose all hope in Hollywood and its bullshit. Sorry. I really hate McG.

  4. OMG, I am definitely going to check that out. McG’s utter oblivion sounds legitimately hilarious.

    Oh dude, I know. Cameron’s ego has been out of control for a LONG TIME. But just wait on the meh! Just wait on it!

  5. DEADPOOL MOVIE OMGGG!!!! i mean, of COURSE i was going to see it (i will never pass up a seat at ryan reynold’s gun show) but now it might actually be GOOD?! SAY WHAT!!!!!

    also I NEED LEGO HERMIONE IMMEDIATELY. and also snape. and ron. and ok everyone!!! except voldy cos yikes.

  6. I have a feeling that The Box was made right before he got the Nixon gig, because SHEESH! you’ve got to be kidding me. Cameron Diaz is poison. Only Toni Colette has come up smelling roses after being in a film with her…and maybe, just maybe Ben Stiller. Frank, step away from the blonde. She is dangerous.

    I’ve never seen or even heard of The Wraith. Must watch…or die.

  7. Sally, you must! After all, MUSIC PRESENTED BY ROBERT PALMER!

  8. Is it wierd that the thing on this post I’m most excited about is the Lego HP game? I’m kind of obsessed with those.

    Also, I’ve been avoiding most news about Avatar because I want to go in completely blank. I will be honest, I have been worried lately. Who knows how it’s going to end up? I’ve now reached the time when I can decide for myself.

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