Updates and Improvements to Danny Isn’t Here!

We're new and improved, y'all!

With the help of Reverend Jon and Mr. Marla, I’m shaking things up here at DIH! The two latest format changes are all about user-friendliness, because lordy knows I don’t want this site to be like AICN, all jumbled and wacky and aesthetically displeasing. You guys would tell me if that were the case, right? Lay it on me.

You may notice when scanning the homepage that the posts have been abbreviated. Rather than being forced to skim the entirety of the most recent posts, you can now choose which posts you’d like to read by clicking on the “read more” button! Although you should read every word of every post, because they’re all brilliant. Obviously.

But the even more exciting update is the addition of a Site Index! Click on the link located on the right of the homepage to navigate the whole blog easy peesy! I link to all of my reviews alphabetically by title, split into television and film. I categorize the Retrospectives by director, link to my Interviews and my Top Lists, and I’ve got each News Day Tuesday post archived by date. And finally you can access each Recommends Day Wednesday post by title, Link Drop by date or Miscellaneous (as this post will be categorized) by title.

These changes actually weren’t very difficult to make, but I’ve been a lazy little Marla. But no longer! This year is all about making this blog the best it can be. So poke around, check out the archives, and keep coming back for more improvements to ye olde blogge in 2010!

Review Preview:

Sorry about the lack of News Day Tuesday for the past few weeks. I wanted to leave The Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade up as the latest post for at least as long as it took me to write it, which was….a very long time. But I’ll be back with more NDTD this week, as well as a review of Scanners for the David Cronenberg Retrospective, AND I’ll finally publish the Official Smallville Drinking Game!

7 Responses to “Updates and Improvements to Danny Isn’t Here!”

  1. Don Hamilton Says:

    Very impressive, Meredith! Good luck with DIH and all your endeavors in 2010.

  2. Yay, thank you!

  3. Nice format. Lookin’ good!

  4. i love the site index! now if only you could add more glitter…

  5. woohoo, FANCY (SCARY) PANTS!

  6. I’m liking it! I do wish there was more glitter too, though. Maybe it could shoot out of the disk drive? Just spitballin’ here…

  7. Glitter, check. I’m on it, y’all.

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