It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! News Day Tuesday is back!

I missed you, blog! I’ve been bubbling over with glorious scoop and now I can finally say that OMG I LOVE THE ART FROM TRON LEGACY! Check it:  



Now, from the far lamer side of the news stream: Blake Lively?! As Carol Ferris?! Are you SHITTING ME? I don’t hate Blake or anything, but she’s 22 and blonde. She’s not Carol Ferris, okay? She’s not.

Oh, and SPEAKING OF INCREDIBLY LAME, Raimi and Maguire are both out for Spider-Man 4, which actually isn’t lame at all, good for them, but what’s lame is that Columbia is going to forge ahead without them for a Peter Parker In High School movie. You know that, uhm, sounds an AWFUL lot like Spider-Man 1, right? Right.

Okay, so I know I’m probably supposed to hate on this idea for YET ANOTHER Dune movie, but…I kind of don’t. Don’t stone me, geeks! Of course, I just used a picture of a lolcat to represent Frank Herbert’s brilliant masterpiece, so I’m probably running low on geek cred this week, anyway.  Thanks for the link, Posh!

I’m pretty thrilled at the prospect of an X-Men: First Class movie directed by Bryan Singer, ya heard? I know, I know, Ratner’s third X-Men film should have soured me on the franchise and Superman Returns should have soured me on Bryan Singer. BUT DUDES BRYAN SINGER IS DIRECTING A NEW X-MEN MOVIE!!! I can’t seem to shake my enthusiasm no matter how emphatically my brain tells me I should.

Woah! to that little Dollhouse revelation, right? Actually, I’ve been a fair weather viewer and haven’t caught up on Dollhouse at all, but if you have (and ONLY if you have), here’s a spoilery interview with genius Tim Minear in which he answers all sorts of questions you probably have after that mind-eff of an episode.

Guys, I am a CRAZY level of excited about The Wolfman!! I pretty much lost it when my Fango came in the mail and Wolfy was on the cover. EEEE! Check out this bad-ass TV spot. February will be a rather kick-ass month for fright flicks between The Wolfman and Shutter Island.

Stuart Townsend, YOU ARE FULLY RETARDED. Oh yeah, I’m certain you can do better than Thor.  You were really good in Queen of the Damned, and that was only, what? Eight years ago? Good luck with that “career” of yours.

Thanks to John for what is hands down the most amazing link you will see today. I present to you all: T2 The Musical.

So I was fairly skeptical about these “Weekend of Horror” events without Fango’s involvement, but Creation’s first five guests are AWESOME. Dario Argento, whom obvs I adore, Robert Englund, and then OMG Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli and Jeffrey Combs for a Re-Animator panel! NICE! (Check out my Re-Animator review here.)

Ausiello’s got news on Supernatural‘s possible 6th season and Smallville’s possible 10th season!

That wraps up the news, ladies and gents! BUT NOW! A bonus feature!

Marla’s 10 second review of Gremlins!

I watched Gremlins for the first time as an adult this weekend, thinking that I remembered it as a pretty cool horror film when I was a kid. Uhm, Gremlins is completely INSANE. It’s wacky yet racist! Also, where do the gremlins find all of those tiny clothes and hats? They undergo so many costume changes!

See, tiny hats! All the time with the tiny hats! Why? But I would like to report that Phoebe Cates’ irrepressible cuteness really holds up.

For more riveting and informative reviews like the above, you can search by title, as well as search an archive of all previous News Day Tuesday entries by date, here!

Review Preview:

Tomorrow, I will allow you access into the most sacred and mysterious aspect of my life: the Smallville Drinking Game! Prepare yourselves by purchasing lots and lots of alcohol. Like, all of it.

Thursday I’m finally getting the David Cronenberg Retrospective back off the ground with Scanners!

9 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. leftyjonno Says:

    I cannot WAIT for your retrospective on Scanners. As a young boy I once sat in a dark, upstairs room by myself in an empty house and watched that movie. I haven’t slept the same since…

  2. Jonny, this anecdote explains so much about how you became so awesome.

  3. no, not the SDG!! MY LIVER CAN’T TAKE IT!

    10 Seconds Gremlins Recap is the very best thing I have read on the internet all week. I salute you.

  4. Yeah, and Phoebe Cates is still hot. Go Kevin Kline!

    I’m actually feeling pretty positive towards the new Tron. I think it’s got a lot of potential to be cool. We’ll see, Disney.

    And though I am quick to eschew any remake or reimagining, I am also feeling warmly towards the new Dune. This guy seems like he really loves the book. He said he’s read it countless times. At least that probably means he won’t screw up the major stuff.

    It’s funny, I saw the T2 musical on Gizmodo and thought of sending you the link but I couldn’t get the video to happen on my work computer. I still can’t see it. Curses!

  5. OMG I HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE GONNA MAKE THE X-MEN FIRST CLASS MOVIE!!! sweet holy mutants!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! esp. cos brian singer! and also cos there’s no way they can manage to cast james marsden again so AWESOME!

  6. whoah, i didn’t realize i was signed in under FYA. oops! oh well. surprise publicity!

  7. Christopher Says:

    Awww, but I’m not old enough to purchase all the alcohol!

  8. Sneak some wine from your dad, Chris!

  9. that Skynet Symphonic kicks ass!

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