It’s News Day Tuesday!

Listen up, America! No one gives a shit about Conan or Leno!

I hope everyone had yesterday off work! And if you didn’t, your boss is racist.

The Golden Globes happened, apparently.

And while they were happening, far more importantly, Oliva Wilde talked about how geeked she is for Tron Legacy. That makes two of us, sister!

the runaways

Early reviews of Marla’s Favorite Movie That Hasn’t Been Released Yet, The Runaways, are favorable, duh.

DANG this House of the Devil contest is so sweet, I don’t really want to tell you about it, because I don’t want the competition. But I’m feeling generous today, so here goes. (read my review of The House of the Devil here.)

Iron-Man 2 is hitting up the IMAX.

[to be read in deep, spooky voice] This Halloween, look for Paranormal Activity versus SawAGAIN! duh duh DUUUUHHHH!

So I guess Dolan’s Cadillac is going straight to vid? I’m looking forward to this one as a Kingphile, albeit a Slaterphobe.

Bruce C is following up My Name is… with the tediously titled Bruce vs. Frankenstein.


Ringu‘s Hideo Nataka is set to helm The Incite Mill, which sounds kind of like Battle Royale, but underground. In other words, awesome.

In WTF?! THIS IS BULLSHIT! news, more details from the Fright Night remake are surfacing and still causing me to wave my tiny fists of fury in the air. (Read my review of the original Fright Night here.)

For all reviews by title or the News Day Tuesday archives by date, go here.

Review Preview:

Look for the triumphant return of quasi-regular feature It’s Recommends Day Wednesday tomorrow!


Next week I’ll review Chan-Wook Park’s latest opus Thirst.


And look for guest blogger Reverend Jon‘s upcoming addition to the David Cronenberg Retrospective with Videodrome in the next week or so!

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Robert Downey Jr. on a huge screen. Yes, please!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AmberNAmbrose, Meredith Borders. Meredith Borders said: It's News Day Tuesday! […]

  3. MY PANTS ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THE RUNAWAYS! in fact, in honor of the rock star badassery, i might even need to wear LEATHER PANTS when it finally comes out. HOLLA!

  4. That’s an awesome contest for House of the Devil. I dig the neo/retro thing. It’s like LG is coming out with an old-fashioned, 14″, tube tv complete with rabbit ears and a button that will switch it to black and white.

    The Runaways looks cool but it still weirds me out that Dakota Fanning hit puberty. You know like when Leo started having moustaches and whatnot in his movies. It just takes me a bit to get used to.

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