It’s News Day Tuesday!

Today is simply rife with news that I thought I’d never care about again and yet cannot seem to keep myself from reporting repeating!

Extra! Extra! A new vampire movie actually sounds interesting to me!

But before that…the SAG awards happened, apparently.

So…Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) is attached to direct a Dracula: Year Zero flick about The Count’s transformation from Vlad the Impaler to Dracula. And Marla’s boyfriend Sam Worthington’s name is being bandied about! And all of a sudden I’m interested in vampires again! And then I remembered that I’m super pumped to watch Chan-wook Park’s sorta-vampire flick Thirst this week, and my life got all twisty-turny. Every time I think I’m out, they suck me back in.

Speaking of news I have no reason to care about anymore, all they have to do is mention Spider Man and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the same sentence, and I’m like, “Damn. I’m going to have to watch that terrible movie, aren’t I?”

And in other Joseph Gordon-Levitt news, Sundance Film Festival is brewing with all sorts of dark fare, including JGL’s Hesher.

io9 has tons of juicy spoilers on Iron Man 2. You can go to the new (awesome!) trailer from that link, as well.

Smallville‘s had a good week for scoop! First THIS amazing news, followed by this casting dirt.

Avatar is kind of huge, ya heard? Having bested Titanic as the top-grossing film of all time, suddenly everyone’s all, “Oooh, maybe we should try that 3D thing?” Including Star Trek 2, Transformers 3 (just freaking great), and Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer. (Read my review of Avatar here.)

Supernatural show-within-a-show Ghostfacers is going to get its own gig on the WWW! (Read my review of Supernatural here.)

the walking dead

One of the most kick-ass comics of all time, The Walking Dead, is coming to the big screen, brought to you by Frank Darabont. Once upon a time, I would have bitched about this. But then I saw The Mist. (Read my review of The Mist here.)

i'm with coco

Apparently Paranormal Activity 2 vs. Saw VII is the new Conan vs. Leno. In that I don’t care about it AT ALL.

Review Preview:

Look for my review of Thirst on Friday!

And Reverend Jon‘s beefing up the David Cronenberg Retrospective with Videodrome next week!

To scan all reviews by title and previous NDTD archives by date, go here.

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. No! Joseph Gordon Levitt, say NO! Do it for all of us. Because, otherwise, yes, I am going to have to see SpiderMan. And you don’t want to make me do that.

  2. dear internet, please give us a new “iron man 2” trailer. cos when i read this post, i thought marla meant there WAS a new trailer, and my pants totally spazzed out, but then i realized, no, it’s just the OLD ONE that came out like A MONTH AGO. A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH. internet, you’re so much better (read: faster) than that. come ON. I NEED NEW RDJ FOOTAGE.

    and while we’re at it, why not throw in a teaser for “green lantern”? pretty please?

  3. Um. Can I say that I am so excited for Hesher?! Because I am!

  4. Sarah, girl, you know if there was a new trailer, you’d already know about it! But DUDE YES why is there no teaser for Green Lantern yet? An ab-filled teaser.

    Sally, I know, Hester looks AAAWESOME!

  5. It’s funny how just a few months ago people were complaining that Avatar was too expensive. Now they’re lining up to use his technology.

    Looking forward to the Videodrome review. I don’t think I’ve seen that one.

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