It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Forecast shows 6 more weeks of winter and lots of Needle Nose Ned references all day!

 Get your shovels ready because we’ve got loads of scoop today, my lovelies! 


LOST returns today and the internet has ‘sploded with news, questions, spoilers, interviews and theories. Like this. And this. And this. And this. And also this


Oscar nods were announced today, containing few surprises and plenty of snores. 


With The House of the Devil on DVD release today and Cabin Fever 2 out on the 16th, Ti West is having no problems securing work.  His next project will be the “truly terrifying” The Innkeepers, and I’m already looking forward to it. (Read my review of The House of the Devil here and look for my upcoming review of Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever when it’s released on DVD February 16th.) 


The international red band trailer for Kick-Ass is just that! Is it April yet? 


Kick-Ass‘s screenwriter, Jane Goldman, will write the adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black, directed by James Watkins. Yay for lady horror! (with a male director. of course.) 


Vulture attempts to make sense out of the whole reigning box office champ debacle with a new formula for weighing box office success. 


Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit  (produced by Peter Jackson) has been pushed back to 20-never, due to NewLine’s insatiable need to sap the anticipation out of every Tolkien fanperson until we’re all left asking ourselves, “Bilbo who?” 


Matt Damon’s out for the fourth Bourne film, which is now going to be a prequel and also totally useless. 


The final two Harry Potter flicks, volumes 1 & 2 of The Deathly Hallows, will be shown in 3D. I know everyone’s all, “blah blah 3D backlash,” but seriously, you guys, 3D isn’t the new Taylor Swift. It’s technology developed to improve the film industry and it’s here to stay. Grab some specs and smile. 

Check out the leaked ad for the Harry Potter theme park, to be aired during the Super Bowl. My ass will GO TO THERE, I don’t care how young I’m not. 


Oh man, the pics for this upcoming 30 Rock sequence are hilaaarious. Floyd, Dennis and Dr. Pretty in the same room? Jon Hamm’s tie is priceless. Loads more pics at the link.

 Olivia Wilde is blowing up in the geek world, what with Tron Legacy and now the fabulous Cowboys and Aliens, co-starring Daniel Craig and directed by Jon Favreau. She’s come a long way from being Marisa’s fake lesbian partner on The O.C. Thanks for the link, posh


DarkStorm comic I, Frankenstein is getting the big screen treatment and is already tapped to be a franchise. Sweet! 


Yay! Scream legend Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Slither) will headline upcoming frozen frighter Hypothermia, a movie that struck me as fresh and interesting even before his involvement. 


With the news that Bryan Singer will be directing X-Men: First Class, fanpersons hoping for Patrick Stewart’s return to the role of Professor X may be disappointed


The teaser for animated zombie film A.D. looks supremely bad-ass. 


io9 has a pretty thorough and entertaining look at the worst superhero movies of all time. (Read my review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine here to learn why it’s so deserving of this honor.)  

Review Preview: 


Tomorrow! A Recommends Day Wednesday of the upcoming Absolute Justice 2-hour Smallville event airing on Friday! 


Thursday! Reverend Jon adds his Videodrome review to the David Cronenberg Retrospective


Next week! I FINALLY get to watch Zombieland and give you my totally belated thoughts on it! 

For an archive of all reviews by title and all previous News Day Tuesday entries by date, go here

Until next time, watch that step! It’s a doozie!

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Woah. So much dish! The Oscars will most likely piss me off, especially if Sandra Bullock wins. I’ll break something.

    The recalibrating of the box-office success made me feel better. Ah, Julie Andrews, I love you.

    Also, 30-Rock, so EXCITE!

    Does this mean I can finally watch House of the Devil and finally read your review?! I’ve been on a major Bergmann kick, but I may have to take a break for some HotD time!


    on the other hand, i’m kind of worried about the super swimfans this place might attract. like, am i gonna have to mingle with lots of renfesty hermiones? gah, i hope they get put in hufflepuff.

  3. So, I used to watch LOST. Actually, I was a pretty big fan of it. One time, I shook JJ Abrams hand. He’s very short.

    But I stopped watching in Season 3 because it became the shittiest thing on television. But you know how, like, you have a childhood best friend, and you’ve lost touch, but then you find her on Facebook and learn hse’s dying and only has six months to live, so you decide that you need to reestablish your connection? Yeah, I tried watching the season premiere of Lost this week. I imagine it’s what having amnesia is like – I recognized most of the people but had no idea just what the fresh hell was going on.

    Zombieland is aces!! Can’t wait to read your review!

  4. Erin, I’ve had the exact same experience with LOST! I kind of loved how totally confused I was watching the premiere. Just like you said–sort of like having amnesia, which was awesomely disorienting. “I’m not at all invested because I can’t remember who any of these people are, so I’m just enjoying the pretty and the explosions!”

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