It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! People still insist on reporting on the Terminator franchise!

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Terminator is back on the table after a furious bidding war for the rights to the franchise, held between Lionsgate, Sony and dubiously worthy company Pacificor, which won the day. Can’t wait for the repoop! 


This is all very grain of salty, but Warner Bros. is said to have brought in Christopher Nolan to “godfather” a reboot of the Superman franchise in the same vein of his wildly successful Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Allegedly (hopefully?) the new inception would have nothing to do with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns film and would not star Brandon Routh. Nolan would not direct, only sprinkle some of his gold fairy dust to make it awesome. 


Vulture’s got a montage of people looking in mirrors in horror movies. They do that a lot. 


Read Cee-Dub’s gushy press release of the Smallville: Absolute Justice ratings here


Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming ensemble virus thriller Contagion sounds like a winner, with a script and potential cast that’s got everyone all excited. Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard and Jude Law are all said to be attached. 


Disney is so certain of the success of Tron Legacy that a film sequel and spin-off television show are apparently in the works


Dare I say it? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Sources suspect that the upcoming Saw 48 will be the last. 


Tim Robbins joins Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard in Green Lantern as Sarsgaard’s disapproving father, a role not in the comic books. 


You can catch the Super Bowl spot for The Wolfman here. I’ll be watching this gem on Monday, so look for my review next week! 


Here’s the fright lineup for South By Southwest’s film festival. 

haunted house 

Rachel Weisz is joining Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts in haunted house creeper Dream House


You can find a great interview with Bill Murray here, including the spoil on his return to Ghostbusters 3


Universal’s retreading John Carpenter’s The Thing, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgarton. I can barely muster the energy to be annoyed. 


Oh man, the trailer for Chloe, a sexy thriller starring Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried, is SO TRASHY and 90s! I can’t wait to watch this on TBS in 3 years. 

Review Preview: 


Tomorrow! I give you my totally unpunctual thoughts on Zombieland


Next week! I’ll geek out over The Wolfman! 


The week after! I’m bringing Shutter Island to your face! 

For an index of all reviews by title and News Day Tuesday archives by date, go here.

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Wolfman! Shutter Island!! I need someone to watch movies with!!!

  2. The SXSW line up looks promising for this year. Wish I could go but that never seems to happen.

    I think the Nolan/Superman project seems like it will be cool if it actually happens. I think it will be hard to make the fanchise the same level of popularity as Batman. Batman is just flashier and has a lot more to work with in terms of gadgets, etc.

    A remake of The Thing? Didn’t Robert Blahdriguez already do that with The Faculty and fail?

  3. beardy, you and marla should come next year! you can make it happen! of course, i’m also going to be pressuring you to come to fantastic fest, because i want you to be in austin as much as possible, so… yeah. just warning you.

    i can’t wait to see wolfman!!! emily blunt is so pretty! and the wolf make-up is so scary and gross!!!

  4. Obviously people are looking in mirrors all the time in horror movies. If I were as attractive as the average horror star, I’d be in front of the mirror all the time. But seriously folks, how boring is it to see the inside of a medicine cabinet?

    Plus, what I learned from the Bill Murray interview is that he loves himself, and despite myself, I love him too.

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