It’s News Day Tuesday!


Extra! Extra! Looks like I'm the one who has some words to eat!

 Yes, despite my taunting of Eric Kripke last week,  he actually is sticking with his original plan of ditching Supernatural after five seasons. Next season will bring a new arc and a new showrunner! Not sure how I feel about this; I may just pretend the series ends with this year’s finale.

Supernatural‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sam Worthington will star in a movie about League City’s I-45 “killing fields,” where as many as 70 bodies have turned up over the years.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of the excellent 28 Weeks Later, has a new film out called The Intruders, a fright flick centered around an 11-yr-old girl. No more details yet, but I’m excited!

The new international Tron Legacy poster is out and awesome.


Reverend Jon sent me this rad graphic of intersecting timelines from various time-traveling fiction.

Here’s a great feature on Wes Craven, who plans to die in his 90s while working on set.

Anthony Hopkins gives a similar interview, stating that he will carry on acting until he is no longer wanted. Or at least, carry on phoning it in until he is no longer wanted. Tony, we’ll always want you, because when Anthony Hopkins phones it in, miracles happen!

Gil Bellows (Billy!) will guest star in a recurring role on Smallville as DC villain Maxwell Lord. IGN thinks the whole “recurring guest star” indicates a 10th season of Smallville, although TBTB are still keeping their traps shut.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is making progress, and HOLY SQUEE I WANT TO GO TO HOGSMEADE.

A new Alice in Wonderland clip is up. You can find new promo images for Alice and a new one-sheet for Nightmare on Elm Street here.

Vampire Hunter D is back! With both an anime and a live-action film, and I am pleased as punch. (Check out my write-up of D and other vampires-turned-vamp-hunters here.)

Rob Zombie talks about the CSI episode he directed, which should be blessedly easy to avoid.

Review Preview:

I’ll be writing up Scorcese’s Shutter Island tomorrow. Spoiler alert: It sucks!

I’ve got Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2 headed my way, so look for my review in the next week.

Reverend Jon will be reviewing Japanese camp horror flick Hausu this week, so look forward to that!

Next week I’ll add to the David Cronenberg Retrospective with his Stephen King adaptation The Dead Zone.

You guys, I just can’t decide on the Romero remake The Crazies that’s coming out this Friday. I was so excited about February Fright Month! Three big horror releases! And two of them…have completely sucked lame sauce. I don’t want to be burned again! I’ll be a fair-weather fan and wait to see what old Rotten Tomatoes has to say about this one, so stay tuned. Otherwise, I’ll catch it on Netflix!

For an archive of all previous News Day Tuesdays by date and all reviews by title, go here.

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Oh man, I don’t even watch Supernatural (I tried, internet fangirls! Really I did! But if I’m going to see two people in dubious clothes argue with each other and fight paranormal CGI, I’m going to watch The X-Files!!), and even I think that news blows. Sigh. Why doesn’t American tv realize how to quit when they’re ahead/mildly behind? (I’m looking at you, The Office. Except for you, Erin the Receptionist. Because you are the only joy in that show now.)

    Everytime I see a commercial for Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I exclaim “I AM GOING THERE!” in a loud voice. I think my loved ones are concerned I have tourettes.

  2. I know this is only slightly related to your news day tuesday, but with the picture of Back to the Future, I had to share this:

  3. Sally, EW!!

  4. BUTTERBEER ME!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m super pumped about the I-45 murder story. Maybe they’ll film some of it here.

    I also have a strong desire to visit HP land immediately. What does that say about me as a grown man? I’m not sure but it’s probably a good thing I’m already married.

  6. to me! And that’s a good thing for me.

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