It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Only Amy Heckerling has the power to make vampires awesome again!

 Star Krysten Ritter reveals that Amy Heckerling’s next film will be a “Clueless for vampires,” a premise which seems capable of single-handedly reviving the dwindling empire of sparkle moodiness. 


The Superman reboot will be written by Batman Begins and Blade screenwriter David Goyer. This is good news! The remake will not star Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth and it will not be directed by Bryan Singer. This is also good news! 


Check out a Q&A with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski here. And surprise surprise, Disney’s already talking trilogy


Ausiello sums up the LOST execs Paley Fest Q&A. 


You can find the one-sheet for the tireless George Romero’s latest Survival of the Dead here


Transformers’ mastermind of douche director Michael Bay blabs about the third installment here. (Read my post where I envision Michael Bay’s reboots of classics such as Casablanca here.) 


Sigourney Weaver hints that she could return for the Avatar sequel. 


The adorbs Michael Cassidy from Smallville and The O.C. is in the running for Captain America. I’d like to go on the record to say he’s a good choice! And TPTB are saying that a renewal looks likely for Smallville, but still no confirmation. Watch the trailer for the next Smallville ep, “Escape,” which will air on April 2nd after the four-week hiatus. 


A source dishes on Jason Segel’s Muppet movie and Miss Piggy’s role as “a Lady Gaga-esque character living in Europe.” Rock. 


New The Thing star Joel Edgerton informs us that the film will be a prequel rather than a remake. I still don’t care.


The U.K. trailer for Shelter, starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys-Myers, is pretty derivative and obvious, but I dig the cast so I’ll check it out. 


Speaking of derivative, do you know what Hellraiser needed more of? Pretty young things being picked off in the style of every single horror movie made since Clive’s masterpiece. Thus, the Needle trailer. (Read my review of Hellraiser here. My very first post! *sniff*)  


Sam Raimi’s visionary The Evil Dead is touring the country and will be on the big screen here in Houston on March 20! And I will be there! 

Review Preview: 


I’ll review Cabin Fever 2 this week or next! 


Sorority Row is coming up next week! 


Reverend Jon attended a screening and Q&A for Joon-ho Bong’s Madeo and will be writing that up this week, as well! 


I’m seeing Alice in Wonderland this weekend and debating whether I should review it for ye olde blogge or just let my eyeballs soak up the pretty. Stay tuned!

For an index of all previous News Day Tuesday posts by date and all reviews by title, go here.

7 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. omg, new muppet movie!?! my prayers have been answered! Except that I never did like the post-JH voices…

  2. Oh man, I loved Ms. Piggy’s outrageous costumes before! I can only sit in anticipation of what they will become. I’m glad that Segel is writing it. When Henson was still around (sniff) they were written for adults (note: see great muppet caper dinner scene), and they went down the crapper when they started writing for children (see muppets in space).

    Also, I have to admit that I liked the trailers for needle and shelter. Needle does not need to be seen, however. But! It does have a pretty sweet line, “The voodoo death is REAL!” I’m going to be saying that all day.

    Also, so excited for Mother and Sorority Row reviews!!!

  3. I am so excited about the muppet movie now that I hear about the whole Lady Gaga angle. I think that is awesomely hilarious. I think Jason Segal will bring a great angle to the muppet franchise. I hope he does it up right.

    Also, I am in agreement with you on the Captain America casting. I really liked Michael Cassidy on Smallville. He’s got a certain quality about him.

  4. y’all, the new muppet movie is old (but exciting) news. what we REALLY need to be freaking out about is CLUELESS FOR VAMPIRES?!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

    i’m guessing it will be WAY existential.

  5. Right?? I kept waiting for someone else to squee about that as I have. I figured it would be you, Posh.

  6. I’m in complete agreement that Jason Segal is an inspired choice to write the Muppet movie, and so far every single detail I’ve heard about the project sounds perfect. Miss Piggy as Lady Gaga is maybe the best idea I’ve ever heard. And you used my favorite Gaga picture!

    I’m also surprisingly excited by the idea of Clueless-meets-vampires as done by Amy Heckerling. Clueless was always so much better than it needed to be, and it holds up really well, and I’m so goddamn sick of moody vampires anyway. It’s about time we got valley-girl vampires.

  7. It’s fitting that you wrote about the Muppet movie on this blog, because HOLY CRAP MUPPETS ARE SO FREAKING SCARY!!!!!! I am sorry, but any furry thing that pops up and can move its arms and has relationships with other species CREEPS ME OUT.

    I love the idea of Clueless for vampires.

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