It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! I saw the face-melting Tron Legacy trailer in IMAX 3D!

 And you can too, if you watch Alice in Wonderland! Or you can just watch it on your computer screen and only melt your face a little bit. (read my Alice review here.) 


Meredith over at io9 broke down the trailer and analyzed each still for us. Do you guys think if I stole her identity, she’d notice? 


And she’s got the brand new Iron Man 2 trailer here. May 7th! May 7th! 


OMG, Patton Oswalt is creating a comic sequel to Joss’s Serenity! And it’s all about how awesome Wash is! Which, coincidentally, is all I’M about, too! 


Check out this awesome Smallville sneak with Clark and Ollie. You can watch the trailer for the episode “Escape” that airs on April 2nd, after the hiatus. There are also some pics of Silver Banshee at the link. And James Marsters gives a great interview about Caprica and his love for Smallville here. (Check out my review of Smallville‘s “Absolute Justice” here.) 

Marla girlcrush Amanda Seyfried will star in Catherine Hardwicke’s gothic retelling of Little Red, titled The Girl With the Red Riding Hood. Seyfried’s awesome connection and Hardwicke’s Twilight connection are canceling each other out for me here.


Duh, Ridley Scott. The Alien prequel, like everything else, will be in 3D. 


King Arthur is totally sitting at the popular kids’ (round) table right now! Sylvain White is planning to make the awesomely-titled Pendragon, about ol’ Art, Lance and Guinny. Guy Ritchie wants to direct Warren Ellis’ Excalibur, specifically about the Knights of the Round Table (I’m guessing instead of the love triangle bit), and Bryan Singer wants to remake the brilliant 1981 John Boorman film Excalibur, which is a different version from Ritchie’s of the same title. Guys, can’t we all just re-rent Richard Gere and Sean Connery’s First Knight instead? (ew. kidding.) 


Speaking of Bryan Singer, which it seems like I do a lot of on this blog, he says that X-Men Origins: Magneto may not happen now that he’s at the helm of X-Men: First Class. But X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so awesome! (ew. kidding. Read my review of Wolverine here.) 


IGN‘s got some behind-the-scenes video of Kick-Ass. WANT TO SEE! 


There’s an updated plot synopsis for Thor here

the shadow within 

Geez, lots of comic book movie news today, and hardly any horror scoop. Well here’s some! Enjoy the truly great trailer for The Shadow Within here

die a violent death 

And the trailer for Thai horror anthology Die a Violent Death is pretty cool. 

a serbian film 

My friend Henri has already seen A Serbian Film and declared it my soon-to-be favorite movie ever. This trailer? Is NSFW. And NSFLife. 


In far more depressing, less original news, the Fright Night remake has allegedly found a director. Damn you, Craig Gillespie! (read my review of the original here.) 


Oh yeah. The Oscars happened

Review Preview:  


Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2 tomorrow! 


Sorority Row on Thursday! 


David Cronenberg Retrospective: The Dead Zone next week! 

For an archive of all previous News Day Tuesday entries by date and all reviews by title, go here.

10 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Ha ha, you know, I read that io9 post and I suspected you were blogging for them in secret!

  2. I’ve suspected that our Marla is actually the io9 Meredith for a long time now. Still pretty sure it’s true, but if not, our M should definitely pull a Mr. Ripley on “Other Meredith.”

    It’s really weird that the new Fright Night director is the guy who did Lars and The Real Girl. I mean, that was a good movie, but NOTHING like Fright Night. I have no idea what would bring him into a project like this.

    Also, everything about Tron 2 is going to be perfect. That is all.

  3. Oh, dear. Little Red Riding Hood? Awesome. Amanda Seyfried? Awesome. Catherine Hardwicke . . .?

    Although, all the Twi-hards hate her because apparently OMG SHE RUINED THEIR PRECIOUZ LOVE or something?? So maybe she’s an okay lady?

    Since I don’t read comic books and am yet deeply invested in comic book movies, can someone explain Iron Man 2 for me? ScarJo’s in it. And it looks like she’s making eyes at Tony. But Tony doesn’t break up with Pepper, right???? PLEASE TELL ME TONY DOESN’T LEAVE GWYNETH IN THE ONE ROLE I’VE LIKED HER IN SINCE SLIDING DOORS.

  4. Oh, and this is popping up everywhere. You’re welcome, Ladies:

  5. Woah, that guy who wrote the Krasinski article is way full of anger. woah.

    Um, M, I think I’m going to have to hear about the Serbian Film from you. I don’t know if I can stomach that one. After watching Salo, I have a pretty low tolerance for stuff like that.

    But on a brighter note, I totally want to read The Shadow Within, and the Thai trilogy looks pretty fun and gross. Mmmm, maggot water.

  6. NSFLife!! I love it!! I’ll give you attribution the first few times I use it, but after that, Public Domain!

  7. patton can do no wrong in my book, and i am V. V. excited about this new comic series, even though i personally never got into firefly (*ducks to avoid flying sharp objects*).

    erin, let me break iron man 2 down for you in the simplest way possible: IT WILL BE AWESOME. and will also feature lots of AC/DC, which is totes fine with me. and don’t worry, pepper’s not going anywhere. the writers just don’t want to jump the shark, so they gotta throw in some scarjo distraction.

  8. Jerry, I counter your scoop with THIS scoop:

    Jon, I’ve stolen plenty of your witticisms in the past, so consider it public domain immediatley!

    Sarah, I really think you’d like Firefly if you watched a few in a row to get into it. I’ll bring it in March!

  9. Woah, the actor has to sign a 9-PICTURE AGREEMENT?!?! That is seriously completely fucking nuts. A smart move or pure dumb luck, but Krasinski is better off without getting locked into something like that.

  10. I know!! “Here you go! Here’s the rest of my career! Handle with care, pretty please!”

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