It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! It's a quickie today, folks!

Sorry, friends, I’m swamped! 


Slash Film visited the set of Tron Legacy and got some great pics


Christopher Nolan gives a wonderful interview here about Batman, Superman and Inception.


IGN has an excellent feature on their hopes for Smallville Season 10. What they said! 


Due to an absolutely insane nine picture contract, it doesn’t look like John Krasinski or Michael Cassidy will be playing Captain America. Maybe Channing Tatum? (Seems like the same obligation would keep him from starring.) Hugo Weaving’s a lock as Red Skull, however! That news is just awesome enough that I don’t even care who nabs the lead. 


Surprising no one but delighting all, Jason Segel will star in the Muppet movie he is writing and co-producing. 


Michel Gondry says a trailer for The Green Hornet is coming soon! He gives more scoop here


 The director of Teen Wolf defends his idea of a remake, saying it will be more like Lost Boys than the classic Michael J. Fox comedy. So, in essence, he intends to shit on two 80s classics. 

 Review Preview:  


I’ll supplement the David Cronenberg Retrospective with Stephen King’s Dead Zone just as soon as I get a mo! 

For an archive of all previous News Day Tuesday posts by date, and all reviews by title, go here.

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. “So, in essence, he intends to shit on two 80s classics.”


    Dude, I have to get into Smallville, I think. That Nolan interview is set to ruin my work schedule. AND The Dead Zone is amazing. I look forward to the review!

  2. DUDE! Please get into Smallville. It will make the happiest lady alive!

  3. Shit on two classics indeed.

    That’s awesome Jason Segal is going to be in the new Muppet movie. As everyone has pointed out, it’s obvious, but still no less cool. That article confirms that he is quickly becoming a sought-after commodity in Hollywood small to medium films.

    I still can’t stop thinking about the Tron trailer I saw on Alice. Come out already. At least I have Ironman 2 to keep me company…if I can wait two more months.

  4. i cannot WAIT to see the trailer for green lantern!!!!

    and seriously, who cares who they cast as captain america, cos no matter what, i’m gonna be rooting for hugo weaving! is that bad?

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