It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Hollywood is boring the shit out of me lately!

 I thought this was already official? Well, it’s officially lame, at any rate. Scream 4 is a go, with the original cast attached, Kevin Williamson tweeting the hell out of it, and…yes. Wes Craven confirmed to direct. Sigh. I love the 90s?

kevin smith 

Speaking of the 90s, Kevin Smith’s horror movie Red State is apparently finally in the works. We’ll see about that, homes.

bjorkmichel gondry  

Bjork and Michel Gondry are working on a scientific musical! That sounds both bad-ass and hilarious.  


Heh, Tom Wellings’ Hellcats pilot, about the competitive world of cheerleading, has been picked up for The CW. That news is just random enough to be awesome. In other Smallville news, celebrated DC Comics writer Geoff Johns teased that the Justice Society of America will return to Smallville sooner than we think. (Read my review of Geoff Johns’ JSA Smallville movie “Absolute Justice” here.)

chris evans

Chris Evans has been officially cast as Captain America, ending months of speculation. I expect lots of shirtless fighting, dammit.  


More Kick-Ass clips! And holy crap, screenwriter Jane Goldman seems cool.

dc comics 

 In even more comic book movie news, Warner Brothers reveal their strategy for DC Comics flicks. (Wonder Woman already, for god’s sake! Read my review of the animated straight-to-vid Wonder Woman flick here.)

stan winston 

 If this Stan Winston roadshow comes anywhere NEAR Texas, my ass is there.  


Damn, this Final Destination shit’s got legs, hasn’t it? A 5th film’s in the works. Jesus. Even your friendly neighborhood blogger Marla, who shamelessly placed the first two FD flicks on her Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade list, knows that’s overkill.

Review Preview:  


Yikes, I’ve been teasing you with this The Dead Zone review for the David Cronenberg Retrospective for far too long, haven’t I? Sorry, I suck!

 For an archive of all past News Day Tuesday posts by date, as well as all reviews by title, go here.

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Yay for the 90s!!! I think. I’m not really sure I’m all in on Evans being Captain America, either.

  2. Oh my god there is going to be a show about competitive cheerleading? World, you may say your goodbyes to me, because I can now finally die happy.

    I will watch any FD movie that comes out. I really need to see how someone can get killed by a weight bench! That shit is instructive, yo!

  3. Oh man! If Winston comes, I shall go! How much fun is that?!

    Also, I love when crazies get together, so I wholeheartedly stand behind Bjork & Gondry. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  4. i’m with erin. HELLCATS IS ALREADY MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW. HOLY SHIZZ. now if only jesse bradford was in it and mysteriously has not aged so he can still be that adorable high school kid in the clash t-shirt. also eliza’s not busy, right? assistant coach?

  5. Posh, don’t you know there are already many straight-to-tv Bring it On’s? Of course none of the original characters are in them but I’m sure it’s still quality viewing, right?

    I’m really excited about Kick-Ass. I can’t believe seven studios turned it down before they decided to self-produce. And it was so popular (at least standing-in-line-wise) at SXSW so I hear. Haven’t heard if it was actually good or not. I was not feeling aprehensive about it at all until I heard that the screenwriter was the same one that did Stardust but now I am. I like weird movies but sheesh.

  6. Kick Ass was directed by Jonathan Ross’s wife! That’s, forgive me, kick ass!

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