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Mother (Madeo) 2009

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by: Reverend Jon

How can you go wrong with a director whose name includes the words “Ho” and “Bong”? The answer: not at all! I have not had the pleasure of seeing many of Mr. Bong’s movies, but when my friend over at Grad Gastronomy recommended The Host to me a few years ago, I was delighted by his clever mix of creature horror, humor, and little guy vs. Big Brother. When the bf and I saw the trailer for Mother (shown before House) we looked at each other with “got to see that” looks on our faces. Continue reading

Smallville Renewed!

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YAY!!! I knew it was just a matter of time considering the stellar Friday night ratings, but I find myself so excited about this news!!

I do hope (and believe) the 10th season will be the final one, as Clark is so close to completing his journey into becoming Superman. And anyway, ten is a lovely, round number, don’t you think?

I have long cherished a dream image of Tom Welling in the series finale, come May 2011, standing on a building in his iconic red cape, staring impassively into the distance, and then shooting off into the sky…roll credits.

Make it so, CW. Make it so.

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Only Amy Heckerling has the power to make vampires awesome again!

 Star Krysten Ritter reveals that Amy Heckerling’s next film will be a “Clueless for vampires,” a premise which seems capable of single-handedly reviving the dwindling empire of sparkle moodiness. 


The Superman reboot will be written by Batman Begins and Blade screenwriter David Goyer. This is good news! The remake will not star Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth and it will not be directed by Bryan Singer. This is also good news! 


Check out a Q&A with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski here. And surprise surprise, Disney’s already talking trilogyContinue reading