It’s Newsday Tuesday!

by guest blogger Jerry!

*Better Late Than Never Edition!

Welcome to Newsday Tuesday – the Wednesday edition!

Let’s start with a quick hat tip to New York Magazine for pointing out that something’s missing from the American poster for Iron Man 2….

Seriously, Mickey Rourke and a giant explosion should be included in every poster for every movie, always.  Get it straight, Jon Favreau.

In what may be the most thrilling alliance of director and material since his last movie, David R. Ellis has signed on to direct Shark Night 3D! Shooting this Summer in Louisiana, Shark Night 3D brings together the producing team from Hostel, the director of The Final Destination (3D) and Snakes On a Plane, and the FX team behind Anaconda. I know, right?!  Read the gruesome details here.

Call it the ultimate example of if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them, or call it a certain sign of the apocalypse, but George Lucas, THE George Lucas, is teaming up with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew to create an official Star Wars comedy cartoon series.

Here’s a fascinating, in-depth article on Christopher Nolan and his upcoming WTF project, Inception. Beware minor spoilers, mostly regarding the premise of the movie.

Everything about this article makes me so happy, I want to cry. Pixar CEO John Lasseter has signed a long term, multi-picture deal with Henry Selick, to create stop-motion features for Pixar/Disney. Selick will be joining a stable of directors that includes John Lasseter, Brad Bird, and Peter Docter. Take note, people. That is the greatest collection of animator/writer/directors in the world right now. The deal is especially poignant considering that Selick was kicked out of Disney in the 1990s, when they decided 2D animation was dead. This is just one more reason I prefer Pixar to religion.

I grew up on Troma movies. I’ve snuck into their Hell’s Kitchen studio, tried on the Troma penis monster puppet, filmed ass-sandwich contests for them, and danced with Loyd Kaufman. Even so, here’s an article I didn’t expect to see.

And finally, Io9 has a great article that picks up right where Marla’s talkback discussion ended last week on this very subject. Glad to see we’re all in agreement!

5 Responses to “It’s Newsday Tuesday!”

  1. First, what an amazing picture of Leia & Chewy!

    Glad to hear the Lasseter/Selick news! I LOVE stop-motion animation. Bring it on!

    Dang, Marla, that is a lot of Troma action you’ve had there. I’ve only seen Tromeo and Juliet…when I was about 11, and it kind of destroyed me. I was too young and too in love with Shakespeare, and it was meant for neither of those audiences. And, there had better be pictures of this penis monster puppet.

  2. xymarla Says:

    Thanks so much for the sub, Jerry! Excellent NDTD. I really like io9’s choices, and I’m massively geeking out about the Robot Chicken team OFFICIALLY tackling Star Wars!

    Sally, I actually haven’t had much Troma action, unfortunately. Jerry was the pinch hitter for this post!

  3. Regardless, pictures are still in order!

  4. i am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ROBOT CHICKEN NEWS. it makes me absolutely BEAM with pride for seth green, who i like to pretend is my friend… ok, ok, my boyfriend. SETH! CALL ME!

  5. metal spinning,repulsados,repulsado,lumar…

    It’s Newsday Tuesday! « Danny Isn't Here, Mrs. Torrance…

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