It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! My Dead Zone review FINALLY goes up tomorrow!

Yep, you heard me right, ladies and gents. DIH is back to being a real blog! With actual reviews! OF MOVIES! A hearty thanks to the dashing Jerry for subbing last week. Now on to the scoop.


In honor of the 20-year anniversary of my all-time favorite show, NPR has a wonderful essay on the incomparably off-beat Twin Peaks. io9 asks: “Will there ever be another Twin Peaks?”  Uhm, obviously no. Unless David Lynch makes it. Speaking of His Strangeness, check out Lynch’s eloquently random Twitter feed. And Laura Harring teases…a sequel to Mulholland Drive?! How would that even work? Look for my post on the lasting effects of Twin Peaks later this week.


And in honor of my new favorite show’s return after a painful four-month hiatus, Vulture presents a slideshow of nerdy clique representations on the big and little screen. Freaks and Geeks represent! But dude, where’s Chloe? She should at least be alongside Andrea Zuckerman when it comes to nerdy and obsessive high school editors. Come to think of it, so should Marla.

Ausiello taunts us with a major death on the finale of this season’s Smallville. The usual Chloe doomsayers are abuzz.


The brilliant Neil Marshall (whose Dog Soldiers and The Descent both made it onto my Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade list) has a new movie out! Centurion is set during the second century Roman conquest of Britain. Read more about the flick here, and an interview with Marshall here.

Disney’s already fast-tracked a sequel to Tron Legacy. I’d settle for a second trailer.

last house on the left

Dennis Illiadis, director of the Last House on the Left remake, which I never saw because WHY?, has signed on to helm a fairly standard-sounding haunting flick titled Pay the Ghost. Could be cool, could be snooze-y.

he-manjem and the holograms

By the power of Grayskull, the 80s are among us! Masters of the Universe most specifically, remaking the original starring Frank Langella and Dolph Lundgren. Yawn. Wake me when they cast Kristen Bell in the Jem and the Holograms live action. (psst: Hollywood! I’m serious here. She can sing and she rocks the punk look most assuredly. I’ve got way more ideas knocking around in the old brain box. Happy to help any time.)

Catch an interview with Captain America director Joe Johnston here. All that casting hubbub, and Chris Evans didn’t even have to audition!

Christopher Nolan discusses his hotly anticipated Inception at the link.

Review Preview:

Tomorrow! Stephen King’s The Dead Zone joins the ranks of the David Cronenberg Retrospective. For really reals!


Thursday! I discuss my long-cherished love of Twin Peaks in honor of its 20th anniversary!

Friday! Reverend Jon arrives to visit me! I’m just really excited about that!

Next week! I will review some as-yet-undecided movie, because we do that around here!

For all previous entries of News Day Tuesday by date and all reviews by title, stop by the archive index.

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. you could review nightmare! or is that not being released till next week? I need someone to hold my hand during nightmare.

    I just watched Sue Sylvester’s Vogue. really, glee would be fine in five-minute increments.

  2. Oh, David Lynch, has it been so long? I like that the NPR guy notes that perhaps the greatest thing Lynch has done has made American Mainstream broader. Most definitely. Hats off to you, sir.

  3. I cannot believe that Twin Peaks is that old. That makes me feel kind of old because I remember when it came out. Of course, I didn’t watch it then but I’ve made up for lost time. I’m so glad that it’s still appreciated as a show. It just has this magic that no other show has been able to recreate. It makes me happy that David Lynch has staying power.

    I’m really excited about Inception. That was a cool interview with Chris Nolan. I think that it could be a great summer flick.

  4. i really need to get into glee. maybe i’ll give it another shot this summer when most of my shows are on hiatus (except true blood WHAT WHAT).

    also JEM MOVIE YES YES PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. marla, if you ever need to fly to hollywood to do this pitch, i will graciously serve as yr presentation tool by reprising my jem halloween costume because THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

  5. I love Glee! I think you’ll really enjoy it. It’s just so wacky and fun!

    Hehe, PD, I thought about posting a pic of you as Jem.

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