It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Jane Lynch does a better Madonna than Madonna!

Yes, that woman can do ANYTHING. In other Glee news, Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester) gives a charming interview to Vulture and blows my mind with a breakdance-off versus Other Asian. Look forward to the Madonna episode tonight!

Big Tits Zombie 3D wins the award for awesomest title and most promising trailer of the week. Ping-Pong Zombie! Sushi Zombie! And most importantly, Strippers vs. Zombie!!

The legendary Samuel L. Jackson talks about his role as the legendary Nick Fury in Iron-Man 2 and teases us with some Avengers scoop.

Smallville news abounds today with a couple of different slightly spoilery interviews from Exec Producer Brian Peterson and some news on which of the cast will return for the 10th and probably final season. Check out the diabolical Smallville drinking game here!

Catherine Hardwicke’s gothic/horror take on the crimson hood, The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, has found the male lead (opposite Marla fave Amanda Seyfried): Deadgirl weenie Shiloh Fernandez! bee-tee-double-you, that title sucks. (Read my review of Deadgirl here.)

Frank Darabont (The Mist) gives a great interview about his career and upcoming adaptation of the brilliant comic The Walking Dead. Man, I can’t wait for October! (Read my review of The Mist here.)

That’s all for today, friends and fiends! A shorty but a goodie, no? For all previous News Day Tuesday entries by date and all film and television reviews by title, go here.

Review Preview:

Tomorrow! Kick-Ass!

Next week! Something or other!

The week after that! The new Nightmare on Elm Street!

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”


    that is all.

  2. The Deadgirl guy is going to do SUCH a good job with that role. I keep forgetting about him, and then remembering how awesome he was at being the worst human being in the entire fucking universe in that movie.


  3. So when are we going to see Big Tits Zombie 3D? Because that just may be the best title ever.

    That Red Riding Hood movie sounds like it’s going to be terrible based on premise alone. Too bad Amanda Seyfried is in it. I might have to see it as long as it’s not a rom/com. At least it could be a rental.

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