It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! More panic-inducing Dark Tower news!

 Yes, before it was JJ and now it’s Ron, but either way it’s WRONG. However, I do approve of the television series angle


Speaking of JJ, he has a secret project coming up called Super 8 which may or may not be a sequel of sorts to Cloverfield


I saw this Jonah Hex trailer last night for Nightmare, and oh lord, is it lolz-inducing.


Looks again like Matthew Vaughn (director, Kick-Ass) may helm X-Men: First Class now that Bryan Singer’s out. Vaughn has been in and out of talks, but it looks like a deal’s to be made. (Read my review of Vaughn’s Kick-Ass here.) 


More casting news for Catherine Hardwicke’s gothic thriller The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, starring Amanda Seyfried. Having been forced to sit through…well, the trailers for Letters to Juliet and Dear John, I can safely say, Amanda Seyfried: THREE STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT. I don’t care how awesome you were as Lilly Kane, Needy and the dumb chick from Mean Girls




This isn’t much, but there’s so little scoop regarding Tron Legacy that I’ll take what I can get. 


 OH. DANG. Here’s the full clip of Tony Stark’s suitcase-transforming Iron Man suit. Thanks to Mr. Marla for the link

That’s it for this week, folks! If you’re dying for more DIH goodness, go here for the archives. 

Review Preview: 


Tomorrow, I’m introducing a new feature to Danny Isn’t Here: Remake vs. Original! Watch me shred the new Nightmare on Elm Street alongside Wes Craven’s stellar original! 


Next Wednesday! IRON MAN 2! 


I’m finally watching Paranormal Activity a hundred years after all the rest of you, so look for my old-news review next week!

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I am SO GLAD you are reviewing both NOES movies! Having just rewatched the original (Free! HD Netflix streaming!), I was amazed by how well it holds up. Can’t wait to read your double review.

    I’m waiting to see the new one till it’s free, but I’ve seen one particular shot change pointed out by several people, and I feel like it probably sums up a lot of the differences: In the original, the famous glove-coming-out-of-the-bathtub scene is framed VERY specifically, so that the audience sees Heather’s legs, spread open, with the glove rising from between them, and moving towards her body. In the remake, her legs are NOT visible at all in the tub – it’s just the glove rising up. The original shot is sooo much more disturbing….the legs framing is a small difference, but it speaks volumes.

    Man, now I really can’t wait till tomorrow. Write like the wind!

  2. xymarla Says:

    I’m writing, writing, writing as we speak! However, I have to say, the shot you’ve seen of the remake must be cropped, because in the film you CAN see her (Nancy, not Heather’s) legs spread open with the glove between them. I remember because it reminded me so forcibly of seeing that scene in the original for the first time!

  3. Wow, while that is a relief, I’m a little shocked that someone used a cropped shot to make a point about the movies. Totally cheating, and they specifically wrote about that shot. With pictures!

  4. xymarla Says:

    Actually, when trying to find a shot of the (new) bathtub scene, I could only find cropped ones. Maybe the producers didn’t want to show the whole still and give it away, but that’s weird because that scene is so iconic and everyone’s waiting for it, anyway. But yeah, in the new movie the scene is almost identical, except for no bath pillow.

  5. Beardy Says:

    That’s so badass that Allison Mack is most likely returning to Smallville. She’s most of what makes the show so good.

    That IM2 suitcase scene looks soooooooo cool. I absolutely cannot wait to see it on Monday. Mickey Rourke!!

  6. i didn’t really care about the red riding hood movie, but now that i know jeremy irons’ super super hot son is going to be in it, I AM THERE LIKE WHITE ON RICE.

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