It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Fright Night Remake is Sounding Disconcertingly...Decent?!

With a respectable cast of Colin Farrell, Toni Collete and Anton Yelchin, I find myself waving my fist slightly less vigorously at news of the Fright Night remake. This Remake vs. Original is shapin’ up to be a doozy! Thanks to Jerry for the link. (Read my review of the original Fright Night here.)

There’s some seriously rad Tron Legacy concept art at the link!

Comedy Central’s hooking up those of us desperate for some new Futurama scoop with a new Countdown post every weekday until the new premiere on June 24! I actually found myself DISAPPOINTED when I realized that I would be drinking rum punch on a beach in Mexico during the premiere. Sad, Marla. Sad.

Meredith over at io9 gives a great shot-by-shot analysis of the new Inception trailer by Christopher Nolan. She also gives me yet another reason to envy her job.

Sam Raimi is producing a movie based on the This Man concept, directed by Bryan Bertino (The Strangers). It sounds bad-ass. (p.s. If you’re the type of person who likes to spoil everything for yourself, go here.) Thanks to Reverend Jon for the links.

Scoop about JJ Abrams’ super secret Super 8 project at the link. This does NOT appear to be a sequel to Cloverfield, but I can’t find any Super 8 art yet, so there you go. I saw the trailer last night at Iron Man 2 (YES!), and it’s definitely intriguing.

Nicholas Brendan has checked himself into rehab. Be well, Xander!

Kevin Williamson gives a pretentious interview about Scream 4.

Dig the unsettling new trailer for Jonas by indie director Adam Rehmeier.

That’s all the news you can use today, kids! For more scoopy goodness, check out the archives!

Review Preview:

Tomorrow! FINALLY! I review the face-melting magnificence that was Iron Man 2.

Thursday! Look for a spoileriffic sneak peek of this Friday’s Smallville season 9 finale! It’ll be kinda like this. (Check out my mid-season review of Smallville here. And the legendary Smallville drinking game here!

Next week! Paranormal Activity!

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Um, This Man looks pretty awesome! I couldn’t bring myself to click on the last link in that section because I am under the delusion that I don’t compulsively ruin things for myself. Thank you, Marla, for enabling my weak argument in self-discipline.

  2. xymarla Says:

    I’m GLAD you didn’t clink on that last link! I didn’t want to, myself, but I have a strong ruinous pull.

  3. I thought the Super 8 trailer looked pretty interesting. Of course it’s just a teaser and you can make almost any teaser look good with the right music and editting. Still, consider my attention officially caught.

    Nice Tron pics. I still can’t believe that Daft Punk is doing the music. That’s almost like James Cameron having the idea for Avatar and then waiting for the technology catch up 15 years later. Ok, so maybe I’m giving them more credit than they deserve.

  4. yeah, i totally agree about “this man.” even that plain ole website gave me the heebie jeebies!!!

    also YOU CANNOT FEEL SAD THAT YOU WILL BE IN MEXICO. I FORBID IT! and if i see any trace of tears, i’ll just hand you a tequila shot.

    hopefully xander will follow in the footsteps of RDJ as opposed to, well, everyone else that’s been in rehab.

  5. I need a swimsuit like Dr. Zoidburgs’.

  6. xymarla Says:

    It would go well with your bad-ass college ‘fro.

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